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Organic Eucalyptus Oil* £2.85, Organic Peppermint Oil* £3.15, Organic Tea Tree Oil* £3.60, Organic Cedarwood Oil* £3.50, Nutmeg Oil* £3.05.

I’ve never thought about Oils before especially in beauty regimes and things I think the only time I’ve ever tried one is when I got one in a gift set and poured the whole bottle into my bath and got out feeling like I had just been deep fried – to be honest that’s probably the reason I’ve never tried them since, I don’t appreciate feeling greasy in the slightest.

So you might think ‘bit weird that I’m currently reading a post about some oils then’ but trust me it’s worth it, you never know if I just had a bad experience or if I do in fact hate all oils so what better way to find out than to try some again. I decided to try some by Buff & Butter with the fact I could try some Buff & Butter Essential Oils 10ml bottles for a good price so even if I didn’t like them it’s not like I’ve got a) loads sitting around in my house and b) a crap load of money lying around that I can waste on things I might not like. I will also admit that I don’t actually know what you’re meant to use oils for so I just winged it and put some in the bath and on my skin.

 I don’t know why but when I first received this a part of me thought that when you took the tops off there was going to be a little pipette inside so it would be easier to dispense droplets but it’s actually pretty hard to spill too much of this with it’s little top anyway, maybe I’m just being fussy preferring pipettes. I used all of these oils for different thing such as;

Tea Tree Oil for any spots that I may of gotten or just around my nose if I was feeling a bit spotty.

Organic Peppermint Oil as a perfume, basically I just put a few drops on my wrist and neck, I’ve always been obsessed with Peppermint and I even used to use baking peppermint extract in the same way.

Then I used all the others in the bath by adding 2-5 drops each time, it varied each time how many I used depending on how strong I wanted the scent and what my favourite smell was, the Nutmeg didn’t smell anything how I imagined it would be like I can’t describe it but to me nutmeg kind of reminds me of Christmas and warmth but I just can’t put my finger on this scent at all so I definitely use a small amount of this one!

Overall I’ve really enjoyed trying these out and even though I didn’t love all of them I didn’t hate any like I thought I would, I’ll definitely be repurchasing the Peppermint one in the future I can’t wait to be using it all the time in Winter!

Have you tried any Oils?


Products marked with a * was sent to me for review purposes.


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