Tea Time


I will admit that at the moment I’m not the biggest lover of any kind of hot drinks and that’s just because I’m constantly over heating which for me is super weird, I’m usually freezing 24/7! But never the less I do still love a good ole ‘tea time’ and I’m not sure if you have one where basically you just grab a cuppa and some treats then relax, while obviously having a good ole munch.

Since I’ve feeling so hot I have been avoiding my typically cup of PG Tips (best breakfast tea anyone else agree?!) But I have still been trying to have my normal tea time but with these Sukì Teas which are herbal loose leaf teas which I only started drinking this year because I never had a tea strainer before – weird considering I’ve always been a tea addict. I got sent the Sukì Tea Tea Treasures box which contained four of their teas including Green Tea Sencha*, White Tea Elderflower*, Apple Loves Mint* and Breakfast Brew*. Honestly I love all these teas and the Breakfast Brew is perfect for me morning cuppa but my favourite has to be the Apple Loves Mint just because I love a good fruit and mint tea so having a cuppa with a mint flavouring but also some fruit is amazing!

With my tea I do love to have a good snack as I’ve said quite a lot is that I’m a massive grazer and I could just eat a lot of snacks all day long so I love grazing on the Perkier* Bars because even though I’m grazing I’m actually eating something that’s good for me with the fact they’re healthy and vegan. They’re made with Quinoa so it is quite a weird thought to get round and when you start eating it for the first time it does take getting used to the texture but they are so nice and tasty, so much so that my boyfriend has sneakily been eating them too meaning I’m all out! My favourite is definitely the Coconut and Chai* flavour because of the fact O’m a massive coconut addict and I feel like they’re going to be my go to ‘tea time’ snack.

If I’m feeling a bit naughty (as in snacking naughty, get your head out of that box!) I like to have some of the Jim Jams chocolate spreads* on anything really but I really like having them on some toasted crumpets or on some lightly tasted bagels with some chopped up banana. I love both the original and the hazelnut spread, I would stay the hazelnut one is a good alternative for Nutella but it’s not as good – I do think you will never find a hazelnut spread better than Nutella unless it was a Nutella extreme!

What’s your go to for tea time?

Products marked with a * was sent to me for review purposes.


    • siobhan
      September 11, 2016 / 1:14 pm

      Not going to lie, I love both! Especially if it’s a rich tea biscuit! x

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