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I love a good bargain and the only thing I ever really spend a lot of money on is either food or makeup but I really need to start being a bit more savvy with my money so I’m spending less money on both and if I want to buy any makeup I’m going to try and buy some cheaper products so I’m glad I’ve found out about Covershoot Cosmetics* which is a cheap and affordable makeup brand that you can buy from shops including savers and poundland.

(All of the prices are based on the current prices on Amazon when writing the post which is the only place I can find them)


Covershoot Eyeshadows in Smokey Eyes* and Neon* £2.50 each

I will admit that I’m a addict to eyeshadows whether they’re singles or in a palette I love them so having one mini palette which is full of bright neon shades that is perfect for festivals, summer and Halloween and then having another mini palette which is full of shades to create a perfect smokey eye it just great. I don’t really have that many shades in my palettes to create a smokey eye which is strange considering the fact I already own a lot of shadows, so having a mini palette with 5 different shades to help create a look is amazing and for only £2.50 each that’s amazing value.

As you can guess by the price the pigmentation isn’t the best out of all my shadows but they’re still a lot more pigmented than I thought they would be plus they’re pretty soft and easy to blend, the only thing I can say is when blending I do find you can lose a bit of the colour but I still think these shades are great especially since they cost less than my normal starbucks order!

img_7805 img_7814

Covershoot Nail Polish Remover Twist Pot* £4.17

I think most people by now have tried the Bonjour nail polis remover twist posts and this one by Covershoot Cosmetics is basically the exact same thing just more compacted making it easier to carry (plus it’s cheaper!) When you first open the pot the smell of the actual remover is extremely strong meaning if you started using this on some sort of public transport you might get some weird stares, but it isn’t a unapeeling smell – I actually like it!

The sponges inside the pot are so much softer than the ones in the Bonjour ones and you can really feel that they are soaked with the remover which is great, I love the fact you know it’s actually removing it instead of thinking you’ve just put your finger in a sponge and look a bit like a idiot. It doesn’t take that long to remove any polis either but I do recommend having some hand cream around to use after because it does make your fingers feel a bit dry.

img_7833 img_7835 img_7841

Covershoot Cream Contouring Kit* £3.65

I have been wanting to try a cream contour kit for ages since even though I love using my powder ones and even pencils from all the tutorials I’ve seen online a cream contour kit comes out amazing so finding this for less than a fiver I was over the moon!

There’s three shades with there being a dark and medium contour and a highlight and after testing them the medium ones seems perfect for my skin tone making me think that if you’re super pale this palette won’t be good for you. When you first apply them they feel creamy and easy to use and blend out making a really nice contour, you can either make it into a really natural look or make it a bit more dramatic and since using this I feel like I won’t go back to a powder kit!

img_7556 img_7819 img_7846

Covershoot Eyebrow Kit* £3.93

We all know that I love my collection powder eyebrow kit and this one by Covershoot Cosmetics reminds me of a bigger version with a primer so I feel like I already love this and something else that I love is the fact that it doesn’t just come with a double sided brush, oh no it also comes with some tweezers just incase you need them – which is handy since I am constantly either losing mine or using them for my false eyelashes.

For an eyebrow kit it has the pigmentation that you would want with enough to actually fill them in and make them look fuller with a good shape but not too much to make it look like you have a proper scouse brow going on (is that still a saying? I’m not trying to offend anyone!) But you can also make your brows look really natural if you wanted too. I haven’t used the primer personally and that’s just because I don’t usually prime my brows – I know naughty beauty blogger right here) but when swatched it did feel a bit oily.

Overall I do really like these products and I can’t wait to try out more from their range since they’re really cheap and also really good for the price. I feel like this brand reminds me of a lesser known MUA and Makeup Revolution which is a great thing!

Products marked with a * was sent to me for review purposes.

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