Are eBay Makeup Brushes Worth It?

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I always used to be the person who had probably 4 makeup brushes and used them all the time for different things, plus I never cleaned them (still rarely do, I know, I know that’s naughty of me but honestly I’m just so lazy.) So trying to grow my makeup brush collection I’ve ended up buying a few off eBay, I’ve seen people mention them in hauls and I’ve heard a couple of mixed reviews on them so I thought for the fact you get a lot of brushes for some cheap money I’d give them a whirl.

Honestly when they first arrived and I opened them I regretted buying them instantly because of the fact they absolutely stunk, like it smelled like paint stripper or pure alcohol and I was terrified of using them on my face, but after leaving them out in the open for about a week the scent completely went from them making them a bit less scary to use. A few of mine actually broke in the mail and if that happens to yours I’d say just bin them straight away and don’t do what I did and look inside to see all the glue holding the brush fibres together – it’s very icky.

When it comes to actually using the brushes I love them, they’re super soft and you only get a little bit of fallout from the brushes occasionally, I think it’s happened to me about three or four times and I use these brushes now every time I wear makeup so at least three times a week. I’ve even been using these in my Youtube tutorials I love them that much!

Overall I really do like these makeup brushes and I do recommend buying some from eBay but just leaving them in the open air for a while to get rid of the scent, I’m definitely going to be picking a few more up myself.

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