Peperami | Brand New Tex-Mex Flavour!


I remember being a little girl and being absolutely obsessed with peperamis, I would always ask for one in my lunch box if I was having a pack up or I would have one as soon as I came home from school. To this day I still eat them quite a lot, I’m not sure what it is about them but I just really, really, REALLY like them – love them even. So when I was contacted about Peparami releasing a brand new flavour for the first time in over eight years – the Tex-Mex*!

I love the fact that the packaging is the same as all the other flavours just with a different colour theme so instead of the normal green you get a whole orange theme with the little Peperami* wearing a sombrero. It’s still sealed on the inside with something that reminds me of a condom, which I know isn’t the best thing to think of because lets face it who wants their food to be wrapped in a condom but that’s honestly just what it reminds me of! You can buy these in the normal single sticks*, packs of 5’s, shares and snack packs.

The flavours of these are surprisingly really nice, I was really wary trying these at first because I didn’t think anything would compete with the normal original flavour but oh my these are something else, I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a fan of mexican and spicy foods anyway but I really enjoy eating these. Obviously the 100% pork snack is the same shape as normal but has a bit of a spicy scent to it while the taste really does remind me of a tex-mex. It does have a bit of a kick on it but nothing major so even if you’re not really much of a fan of spices this wouldn’t be too much for you.

Overall I do really like these and was fighting with my boyfriend over who had the last one in our fridge, but I don’t think they’ll ever replace my full on love for the original.

Products marked with a * was sent to me for review purposes.

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