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My second and final Christmas gift guide! This one is for the people in your life who’s not that much of a fan of all the beauty products, or even people you’re stuck on/don’t know. Basically it’s a non-beauty gift guide, all the gifts that’s not beauty related.

Film In Five Seconds Book £9.99;
This is one of those gifts that’s kind of a gag gift or one for when you don’t really know what to buy them. I got this for someone I know that I think it one of the hardest people to buy for and the fact that they happen to be really into their films is a plus! This book is full of pictures and you have to guess the film from them, it’s actually really fun and will be great at the annual Christmas party!

Bizarre Chocolate £3.95;
I mean who doesn’t love getting some sort of food for Christmas especially chocolate?! One thing that I love about this one is the fact that it’s different from your normal selection boxes with it containing popcorn and peanuts.

Vivienne Westwood Watch* £170;
This is definitely one of the most expensive things on this list but it is worth it, I know it’s not about what you get but the thought that counts but if someone got me this for Christmas they would be my number one for a long, long, time. This Vivienne Westwood Watch* is super cute with a soft leather strap making is easy and versatile to wear.

Gabrriel Boudier Dijon* and Prosecco* £15.95;
Alcohol is a gift that everyone loves to get at Christmas mainly because everyone at Christmas time is guzzling the booze already so it’s saving them some money, but this Gabrriel Boudier Dijon Set* is great since it’s a blackcurrant liquor that you just add five times that amount of bubbly or white wine and there you go!

Zoella Daisy Picking Reed Diffuser £12;
This is one of the more stocking filler/smaller type gifts but I think it’s such a lovely one especially for the mother/aunt in your life. I mean who doesn’t actually let getting some sort of smelly for Christmas? Plus I happen to have this one in my hallway and it smells so fresh and floral it’s amazing.

Personlised Christmas Tree Decoration* £9.99;
I think personalised gifts are super sweet to receive because it shows that they actually thought about you when buying it, plus it also means that they gift isn’t one that they got last year, didn’t like and is just giving it to you to make space – don’t act like we all haven’t done it at some point. I think this christmas tree decoration is lovely too because every year when they get it out they’ll think of you.

Zoella My Eden Gift Set £20;
I don’t think that you can ever go wrong with giving someone a home gift that includes candles and a reed diffuser because it’s going to make wherever they live smelling super nice. Hopefully they just won’t think you’re saying that they’re home smells, this set is also packaged really nice so it’s even pretty to look at!

STM Macbook Bag* £34.99;
Obviously this is more of a gift to buy your techy friend or at least someone with a macbook (or laptop in the same size), the Grace Deluxe Laptop Sleeve* that I have is in a 13” size since that’s the same size of my macbook and it’s like a cosy little home for it – plus it’s pretty padded which is nice having that piece of mind that it isn’t going to break into a million pieces. The great thing about this bag is that you can also fit the things you need in for day to day things, so it’s basically a super fancy bag.

products marked with a * was sent to me for review purposes.

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