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One thing that I absolutely love about Winter (yes I’m counting now as Winter because I’m just SO cold) is getting to snuggle up on the settee in my cosy oversized jumpers while holding a mug full of some hot drink whether it’s a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate but there’s only one thing better than that and that’s being snuggled up with a Mug Cake* in my hand.

Yes that’s right, instead of having to make your own mug cake with flour and all that jazz you can just pick up one of these Pud In A Mug* packets by Dr.Oetker. I never got on the whole making a cake in a mug in the microwave trend when it first came out mainly because I thought if I was still going to have to use flour and eggs I may as well make a full on cake in the oven and have enough servings to last me a week, so find out you can buy packets of loads of different flavours makes things SO much easier and convienient.

The Pud In A Mug*(79p) flavours that you can get is Rich Chocolate, Chocolate Chip and Lemon while you can also get some of the Velvety Desserts*(79p) in Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. All you have to do to get a light and fluffy mug cake is mix some milk with the packet in your chosen mug, microwave for the required time and then try not to burn your mouth while eating them – one of the things that I love the most about these is notably are they extremely tasty they take less than 2 minutes to make which is a massive win win!

I will say though that with the Rich Chocolate flavour it is really, REALLY rich. Like I knew it was going to be pretty rich by the name anyway but it was hard to eat the whole thing without adding some ice cream but the Chocolate Chip flavour is just amazing! Plus you can buy these from places like ASDA so you don’t have to go out of your way to get them.

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