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I think that we all know I love a good eyeliner and that I love trying out new ones, but for some reason I’ve only ever had one favourite and that one costs me about £17 so I’m trying to be a bit smarter and try and find one that’s a lot cheaper on the high street that I love just as much.

The main reason I’m on the hunt is because my beloved one has completely run out now that it doesn’t create any mark at all so I literally have a empty bottle . . . So I just picked up any that I thought sounded like it might have a nice small pointed nib on the end in my local boots and that happened to be the Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner in Waterproof Black (£5.29).

Being such a massive fan of all things Rimmel anyway I was really looking forward to trying this out, I would like to point out though that I didn’t decide to buy the pen that I already knew I loved by them because I thought buying it in the pot means it lasts longer and that it makes my liner darker . . . Don’t ask me why I thought this.

Even though it’s called the Exaggerate liner the nib on this isn’t as soft and thin as I was hoping it would be, don’t get me wrong it is still a really good liner and I do love it. Just no were near as my old one. The nip has still got a small point which is good for creating a flick/cat eye but I just think I had gotten so used to using one that was long and skinny it’s a massive change.

The waterproof side of this is pretty good too wear it won’t come off as easily if you’re crying or the wind decides to try and ruin your makeup (thanks Winter) but it is still easily removable with a wet wipe. Which to me is a good and a bad thing because it doesn’t mean it’s going to be a massive pain in the ass to remove while also taking off a hundred layers of skin but it also means if someone takes me swimming on the first date, I’m going to look like a god damn panda.

So I’m kind of having a love hate relationship with the Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner at the moment but I do know the more I use it the more I’ll love it. (I hope.)

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