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I absolutely adore Winter, it’s one of my all time favourite seasons and I think that’s down to the fact I’m constantly cold and love getting cosy in any shape or form possible. That’s one of the reasons for this post to share all my little tips and tricks to be super cosy, warm and content this season – I mean who doesn’t want to feel like a little toasty Cinnamon Bun while being super cosy in Winter?!

  • Slipper Socks – Might sound like a silly one but just slipping on a new pair of nice fluffy slipper socks really does make me cosy, as I’m writing this I actually have a pair on. My favourites are from Primark because they are so cheap and soft, it’s like I’m putting my feet in a little blanket.
  • Hot Drinks – I am a massive fan of hot drinks and wrapping my hands around the cup to keep me warm, I love all the limited edition flavours they bring out in Coffee shops at this time of year. Or even having a hot chocolate with some mini marshmallows in the house.
  • Blankets – This is the one that makes me feel like a little toasty Cinnamon Bun because you can completely wrap yourself up and be cocooned in your own little ball of warmth, plus they’re great to have a nap under.
  • Slippers – I love getting new slippers every Winter as a treat to my little feet so when I get up in the mornings I don’t have to feel the horrible freezing cold floor, plus I truly believe that if your feet are cold the rest of you will be too!
  • Candles – Who doesn’t love a good candle? I think a candle can make a house super cosy all year round and at Winter when it’s cold and dark and you just see that candle (or four) flickering away it’s just really nice
  • Baths – I’m definitely more of a bath type of person than a shower one and that couldn’t be more of the case when it’s Winter because I mean who want’s to stand in a shower when you can be in a massive warm watery hug? Okay fair enough I didn’t explain that well but using a Christmassy bath bomb or bubble bar makes it even more amazing.
  • Dressing Gowns – This one makes me feel really cosy because I’m completely wrapped up, warm and basically giving myself snuggles which is awesome.
  • Fairy Lights – Once again it’s more of an all year round thing but when it’s dark it really does make a room feel so much more cosy, plus now that it’s dark at basically 4 it means it’s cosy so much more.
  • Onesies – Just because. I mean who doesn’t love a good onesie? I wear mine all year round anyway but I love the fact I can wear them now with my dressing gown and be absolutely snug as a bug.


  1. November 17, 2016 / 10:34 am

    I literally cannot get enough of slipper socks and festive candles at this time of year, my house is so cosy! x

    Always, Alice

    • siobhan
      November 17, 2016 / 9:06 pm

      Ahhh is sounds it! x

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