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I think it’s no surprise when I saw that I’ve been a massive lover of false nails for a while now, more so of the acrylic kind but they’ve wrecked my nails so I’m trying out my other options.

With false nails that you do at home I’ve always tended to stick to the more expensive ones because I thought they was the best quality, but after trying out Primarks new range of false nails I’ve been converted. I’ve tried out about five different styles now and I’ve loved every one, especially the squuarletto and pointed styles!

The fact is that the most expensive pack I’ve bought from there has been £2 is just amazing, it means I can get about three packets for the price I would pay for one in Boots. The main downside that I’ve found with these nails though is that if you use the nail glue that comes with it, they’re crap. I mean mine was pinging off left, right and centre so basically – don’t use the Primark nail glue.

I decided to pick up the Elegant Touch nail glue from Boots to use instead hoping that it would make the nails stay on longer, which I recommend you do too since it’s worked a charm! If you’re not a fan of long nails though I would say file them down to your preferred length because they can be quite long, luckily for me though they’re my perfect length!

I usually wear the nails for a full day and then take them off, but I have worn these for about two days before I ended up picking them off because I get annoyed of them really easily. Even while I’m typing this I’ve picked off all of my finger nails but still got my thumbs on . . .

Overall I do absolutely love these nails and you can get so many different styles, shapes, colours and finishes for so cheap – I’ll just be making sure I avoid their nail glue!

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