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It feels like it’s been forever since I went to Barcelona never mind since I’ve last wrote a post on it but alas here I am typing away because I’ve yet again got that travel bug – but I can’t quite afford to book another trip yet so I’ve decided to relive it all through my photos and posts.

One thing that I say you have to do is to book a tapas tour, the ones I booked was from TBB which is Tapas Tours Barcelona which is just a Barcelona Tapas Tour and it was amazing. The main thing that I like about the tapas tours is that you really get the experience Barcelona and try loads of different foods that you may not of tried and even visit places that you didn’t know existed!

You can either book and pay online which I did or just reserve a place then pay at the end of the tour which some of the people in our group did. The group we was in was small with only about 5 or 6 of us and the tour guide so it made it easy to get around and even better to try all of the foods – you are walking for the whole tour so I recommend wearing comfy shoes, since I was an absolute idiot and wore brand new mid heel sandals and by the end of it I had about 7 blisters and could barely walk . . .

I think we went to four different places altogether which was all around Barcelona wear you got a drink and some Tapas at each one, my personal favourite was the third place because it was some of the most tastiest food I’ve ever had in my life! All though all of the food I had was pretty amazing.

With the walk you get to see some beautiful sights and our tour guide from originally from Catalan and spoke amazing English so she was even trying to teach us some Spanish around which was pretty cool. She also gave us loads of facts about the city and all the different parts we was at, as well as facts about each restaurant and what we was eating – basically we learnt a lot!

I’ll definitely be doing the Barcelona Tapas Tour again next time I go to Barcelona because even though it  €20 it really is worth the money, because lets face it that’s a steal!.


  1. February 27, 2017 / 9:23 am

    Vă mulţumim pentru încurajarea dutnoaveasmră în curs de desfăşurare, Moarte. Stiu ca esti mereu ocupat, şi apreciez interesul dvs.. Onoarea merge în ambele sensuri. : )

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