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Back in May I stayed in my first ever Air BnB and it wasn’t even me who booked it. I’ve been debating about ever staying in one before because I had never seen that many reviews on them before and a part of me was scared that it was going to be completely dodgy, dirty or that I was going to have a serial killer great me at the door and then watch over me sleep at night.

Since actually staying in one myself thought I would definitely go back because it’s so nice, it’s like a home away from home. The only flaw from my experience is that there wasn’t any lifts so I had to walk up about four flights of stairs everyday and with the fact we was leaving the apartment about three times a day it meant I was exhausted by the end of it, but that could of also been to do with the fact we was walking around all day, everyday not the stairs.

The place I stayed in was completely clean and cute with a little balcony, it had a little kitchen that we could use and a fridge which was great for keeping the sangria in – we even had wifi which if you know me at all was something that I felt like I needed. I’ve even browsed the Air BnB website myself before and after staying in one, it’s just so easy to navigate on even with the filter options to make sure you’re in a certain bit, that you have wifi etc – plus there’s even places you can stay in for months or just one night, it can work out cheaper than a hotel or about the same as a hostel if you look right or go with a group of friends.

Overall I actually loved staying in a Air BnB and will be staying in more to come in the future, I loved staying in it more than some of the hotels I’ve been in!

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