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topshop usual suspects topshop usual suspect usual suspect

I am not a nail polish person in the slightest and I’ve never been one really, I always just leave it when it chips and I can never be bothered to remove it or paint them so I tend to either stick to plain ole nails, or get acrylics. I might even just glue on some falsies from Primark which are great by the way.

But I’m trying to get more into actual polish’s because they’re so pretty and I think a hand that has some pretty painted nails is so much nicer to look at, plus it also gives away the image that I have my life together which at this moment in time I don’t.

Usually when I bought some sort of nail shade it would of always been by the trusty Barry M, but I’ve been trying to venture out of my convert zones. Even if it is with only a nail varnish, so I picked up a Topshop one £6. The shade I got was Usual Suspects which keeps getting me confused since I’m adamant it’s actually Unusual suspects, I just think it sounds so much better.

Usual suspects in the bottle kind of looks like a sparkly space grey, at least it does to me anyway. But in reality especially when applied it’s this beautiful purple tinted grey with loads of sparkles running through it, it kind of reminds me of a galaxy and I have no idea why. The finish of this is a Matte Metallic which I’ve actually never seen before with all the metallic nail varnish’s I’ve seen having just a normal finish (I’ve completely forgotten what the actual term it . . . )

I just love this nail colour and I’ve even decided that I think I prefer Topshop over Barry M – at least colour wise for now. This varnish does chip massively though but I’m not sure if that’s just because I’m used to having fakes that never chips no matter what you do. I’ve still been wearing this non stop for the past three weeks since I got it though!

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