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mango and green tea

I love tea, I love baths so surely I’m going to love a Mango and Green Tea £1.75 tea bag for my bath right? Nope, it was just plain weird and I’ll let you why.

Now, don’t get me wrong it actually is a nice bath product with the scent and how amazing it’s made me skin feel getting out. It’s like I’m just given myself a full body moisturise when I haven’t because I’m super lazy. Plus the scent of this is amazing being really fruity and you can really smell the mango, I’d describe it as a really fruity smelling Lush product.

The sad thing is when I popped this little mango and green tea tea bag into my bath as it said so in the instructions the very strong and overpowering scent faded and you could barely smell it anymore, even though it lingered on my skin after the bath? Strange I know.

Looking at it, it’s just a simple beige tea bag that kind of looks like a sanitary towel. I think if it had a string it would of looked a lot better and less that something you carry around with you for emergencies.

After you’ve basically just thrown it into your bath it does nothing, it just sinks to the bottom and does nada. After a while the bath salts dissolve but your left with just clear bath water and this weird bag floating in your bath. I think using this with a bath bomb or a bubble bar would be a lot better because of the way it’s made my skin feel, or even just tipping out the bath bombs. I don’t really know why you need the tea bag/sack.

Overall I love the idea of this and how it makes my skin feel but I just don’t like the product in the tea bag, I will buy some more of these though simply because of how amazing I feel right now.

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