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primark false eyelashes

If there’s one thing that you probably know about me from either real life or my blog/youtube channel it’s that I love a falsie. Whether it’s false hair, nails or eyelashes – I love it.

Usually I always end up sticking to my trusty Ardell lashes because I know they work for me and I can get a decent amount of wears out of them, oh and they look super cute on too. So the fact that I actually ended up picking up a pair from Primark really surprised me.

I just thought for the fact that they’re only £1 and look a lot like the wispies I usually buy if they work it, it’s great and if they don’t, well it’s only a pound I’ve wasted. Usually my Ardell wispies online will cost me about £3 while in store it’s more around £5 so if these Primark ones where any good it would mean that I could realistically save money, plus I do prefer the look of a pair of fresh lashes on – might seem weird but I love a fresh pair.

I used my normal Eyelure glue to apply these since that’s the best eyelash glue I’ve ever used, they can make my lashes stay on all night. Even in my inner corner which is the part that always decides to try and spring free. I do surprisingly really like these on, I’m not sure why maybe it’s because they was so cheap or because I just don’t think that Primark eyelashes can be any good, but they really are.

Don’t get me wrong they’re nowhere near as good as my trusty Ardell ones, those babies are still number one. But they are still really good, I would definitely wear these on a night out or something, I just wouldn’t wear them more than once since mine didn’t end up staying in top condition after I took them off. (Could be because I was drunk and ripped off half of my own eyelashes with them.)

Overall I’m definitely going to be purchasing more of these eyelashes!

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