Things That Remind Me Of My Childhood


I miss my childhood, I miss being young, having no worries and not having to pay bills (can I get a amen to that.)

There’s loads of things that remind me of my childhood from turkey twizzlers to wallace and gromit so I’m going to share a few things that takes me back to the good ole days . . .

Fashion Catalogues
I always used to have loads of fashion catalogues as a kid and would just browse through them for hours on end imaging what I would look like wearing them. Actually there was loads of magazines that I loved when I was younger including More magazine, does anyone else remember that?!

Turkey twizzlers/dinosaurs
One thing that I hate about Jamie Oliver is that he got rid of turkey twizzlers and they was the best thing that I’ve ever eaten in my life so when I had to go the dinosaurs I was kind of dissapointed. Don’t get me wrong they’re still absolutely amazing but they’re no turkey twizzler are they?

Smiley faces
Okay, okay. I still eat these now but I lived on these as a kid and even now I’m still addicted to them being burnt.

Only fools and horses
I grew up watching this with my dad near enough every night and when I go down back to Wales every year I still watch it all the time with him. I’m not sure if this is something that reminds me of my childhood or just of my dad but either way it makes me happy.

This was the programme of my childhood, so much so that even my cousins tag me in the episodes on Facebook all the time because I was obsessed! I’ve tried watching it recently but it just kind of freaks me out now . . .

This one would explain why I used to have an email called groovychickisme . . . I used to have a completely groovy chick’d bedroom floor to ceiling, I collected the magazine even when the price went straight up. I just loved everything about it and I have no idea why, I didn’t even like the colour purple that.

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  1. February 21, 2017 / 9:50 pm

    Ha I used to read more magazine too! You’d always get a really rubbish freebie xx

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