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Oh look, yet another eyeliner post. Just remember that I did warn you saying that there’d be quite a few of these coming up soon!

I am such a bad beauty blogger when I say that I’ve never tried anything by Zoeva before, I now have some of their makeup brushes but I still haven’t gotten round to using them. I don’t know there’s just not really anything that’s probably screamed at me before, that’s until I saw this Black Box Of Eyeliners £20 on Beauty Bay and knew that I needed them in my life.

I am an eyeliner fanatic, always have and always will be. So the fact that this little box contains one ‘normal’ liquid eyeliner, and eyeliner pen and two different types of pencil eyeliners makes me feel some kind of special way. Not going to lie when I say I’m way more excited about the pen and liquid eyeliner but that’s because I don’t usually wear pencils, but oh my they would be perfect to use to create a smokey eye with!

black box of eyelinerszoevathe black box of eyelinersthe black box of eyeliners

I had no idea what to expect when buying these mainly because all the reviews I’ve been on Zoeva products have been for either the brushes or eyeshadow palettes. I have never seen a review on the Black Box Of Eyeliners never mind a review on any eyeliner.

I love every product in this little Black Box Of Eyeliners and I think this is a perfect gift for anyone wanting to get into eyeliner or makeup since it has everything you could need. The pen itself is amazing and so easy to use free handed, but if you try to use the sellotape trick with the pen it won’t work – trust me I looked liked a fricking panda bear.

I do also love the liquid eyeliner pot because the little nib on there is really thin so it’s easier for creating thinner flicks compared to the pen. Oh and both pencils are amazing too. They’re all just super pigmented and the staying power is really good, I’m actually pleasantly surprised.

I’m definitely going to be checking out some of Zoeva’s other beauty products! P.S the actual name of this product is Black Box Four Shades Of Black.

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  1. April 1, 2017 / 6:50 am

    I love the graphic eyeliners from Zoeva so if these pencils are anything like it then that’s amazing! I also love that both liquid liners have a thin nib! Hope you enjoy the Zoeva brushes, they are my favourite!

    Neelam | xx

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