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Even though I do love wearing my contacts as you probably know by this post, I do still love wearing eye glasses. I love being lazy wearing either no makeup or very minimal makeup, hair chucked up and glasses on. Sometimes I think glasses can even make an outfit, they really can change the frame of your face and how you look – they even hide my under eye bags half of the time which is great!

I got these Frederick Round* £25.31 glasses in black because they’re really similar to a pair I already have in the house but don’t wear simply because of the fact they’re way too big for the size of my head.

I was a bit scared ordering these online because I’ve never actually ordered a pair of glasses online before so was a bit unsure whether they would actually suit me, will they look different or even be the right prescription. Luckily they came and looked just like they did on the website, suited me and are the right prescription – meaning I can actually see!

You can buy your glasses either on their own without any lenses or you can get a package deal which includes the lenses, case, cleaning cloth and a anti-scratch coating which is what I went for. I mean it’s always better to have that extra protection isn’t it? The case it comes in is just a simple clear case which is ideal if you have more than one pair of glasses and want to know which one you’re actually grabbing.

I’ve actually fallen in love with these glasses and they’re cheaper than my normal specsaver ones, plus they fit my face with is a winner. Since wearing them I’ve gotten loads of compliments and I’m surprised with how easy it is to buy glasses online.

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products marked with a * was sent to me for review purpose.

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  1. March 18, 2017 / 10:30 pm

    These really suit you! xx

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