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katie price purple heart katie price purple heart katie price purple heart

I’m not really a perfume kind of girl I’m not going to lie I’m definitely more of a body mist kind of girl, I mean they’re just so much easier to chuck in your hand bag and to give yourself a spritz whenever you think you’re starting to smell.

But I do love a good ole perfume to have in the house on my dressing table because a) they usually look really pretty and b) they’re so much nicer than a body mist for s special occasion. I wouldn’t wear a body mist for a date or posh meal, I’d definitely go and grab a perfume but I’m just so fussy with scents it’s hard to find a nice one.

When I smelled Katie Price Purple Heart* £30 by Tam Beauty  I was converted. Usually I don’t like perfumes by celebrities because I think they smell fake and cheap but this one smells really nice. It’s quite a strong scent so you only need a couple of spritz to get you going, the scent to me is pretty familiar although I have no idea what it is.

The one downside to this perfume to me is the packaging, I just don’t like the box that it comes in. I think it looks quite tacky and cheap with the logo, although I do like the shiny purple colour. Apart from that I like the shape of the actual bottle, it’s really simple being purple tinted glad in kind of like a off diamond shape. It is a bit hard to hold the actual bottle though.

To me the Purple Heart by Katie Price packaging is for a young teen and the scent is for an adult which is the only way I can describe it, the bottle does look really pretty on my dressing table though!

One thing that I do really love though is the packaging of this, I think the bottle that the Seedlip* comes in is absolutely beautiful. I love the dog or fox on the front made out of leaves, acorns and shrubbery.

You do get a lot in the bottle too because it’s absolutely massive, I think I might prefer the other flavour a bit more – it’s just too smokey for me!

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