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I know that blogging isn’t all about the technology that you use it’s about the content that you produce, but I do think that with the right tech you can improve so much.

When I first started blogging I was using my old IPhone 4 with absolutely no editing, brightness and boy did I not know what natural lighting was that’s why I think having a good camera such as the Panasonic CSC Camera is essential. You can edit the brightness of your photos, the size and the quality will be great-just think of that background blur!

Speaking of when I first started blogging I used to use my boyfriends old laptop which was probably about 10 years old and went slower than a sleepy snail, it was so hard to actually right a blog post and it took forever to upload photos. I now use a Macbook Pro but by no means do you have to use one of these because lets face it they are pretty expensive, there’s loads of laptops that are just as good on the market for a fraction of the price. I’m just a massive apple fan boy.

They’re the main things that I would say you need to really start getting into the whole blogging scene or improving your game, the thing is though that nowadays technology just keeps improving – I mean have you seen the camera quality on the new IPhone?!

I think if you want to really up your game or just if you live a busy lifestyle or work a full time day job, go to school etc I recommend buying some lighting. I have a box light and a ring light but tend to use my box light for my blog photos, that could be because I’m actually way too lazy to walk upstairs to get my ring light to bring down for a couple of photos . . .

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