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ultimate dream

I think everyone has some sort of dream don’t they? Whether it’s winning the lottery, marrying the ‘one’ or just getting a pet.

I always remember when I was a little girl wanting to be either a gymnast or ballerina but as soon as I knew those dreams was out the window I never really had a career dream. I always just imagined myself working in a office monday-friday in some sort of way and using the phone which weirdly is what I am doing now in my new job – so yay for that bit coming true!

But sometimes I have different dreams about travelling, having a celebrity fancy the pants off me, finding out spider-man is real and New York has just been keeping it a secret all these years and the real life Peter Parker falls in love with me in when I visit the Big Apple. Is the last one too weird? I like it.

I plan on making my dreams come true, well the ones I can. Such as travelling the world, doing the splits, being able to do somersaults, speaking a different language. Basically my dreams all seem to be around changing me and my current life but I want to explore, see the world, meet new people and try new foods.

I would love the chance to be able to speak to people in their native language, show off by doing a back flip or something. Don’t get me wrong I would love the ultimate family life one day marrying someone, having babies, the whole white picket fence life but I’ll think about that more after I’ve travelled.


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