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Picking the right bridesmaids can sometimes be a challenge, you need a squad that can throw an amazing hen night whilst remaining completely sophisticated on the actual day. A 2016 survey conducted by hitched revealed that brides have on average three bridesmaids by their side on the big day. But what are the different types of bridesmaids and what makes them so great?

Girl #1: The Manager
You need someone to keep track of what is going on, especially when an average wedding hosts 75 daytime and 101 evening guests! That’s where this bridesmaid comes in to help.

This girl always had the best stationary kit in high school, and no doubt she’ll be making notes throughout your wedding process. This bridesmaid will be the first to make sure everyone is in the right place for photos and will gather guests around the dancefloor for your first dance. Once the wedding day is over, you’ll wonder how you could’ve done it without her!

The Waterfront Hotel, a wedding venue in Bedfordshire, has said that this bridesmaid type is essential for any successful wedding. But who else is needed?

Girl #2: The Emotional Wreck
You’ve cried together watching The Notebook, and she’ll be sure to cry just as hard on your wedding day — you’re the best of friends and she’s an essential part of your bridal squad.

She’s wept since the day of your engagement and now she’s an emotional wreck watching you try on different wedding dresses. This bridesmaid is the one to consult when you’re trying to write your wedding vows — she’ll know all the right words to say. She’s definitely a valued member of your bridal party — just don’t spend too much on her makeup…

Girl #3: The Party Princess
The Party Princess will definitely throw the world’s best hen do — allowing you to let loose before your big day. Remember to let this girl pick the theme as you’ll be laughing all night long.

This bridesmaid will be the most amazing host at your wedding breakfast, sharing funny memories about you and your girl squad, and will start the day on a high. You should let your comedienne bridesmaid make a speech on your big day (or at least let her help write it), too. She has the funniest memories to share and has a way with words that is guaranteed to make your guests giggle.

Girl #4: The Serial Bridesmaid
This girl has been to hundreds of weddings and is a high-profile bridesmaid. This bridesmaid can spot the warning signs of a wedding faux pas before they occur. Perhaps someone at the party is getting too tipsy or she knows that two guests don’t get along and shouldn’t be placed together in the table plan…

She knows the routine off be heart, and she’ll be able to answer every question that you might have. She knows the local suppliers that you should get in touch with, and the ones to avoid — an ideal friend to have around pre-wedding!

Girl #5: The Social Media Master
She knows all of the best accounts for wedding day inspiration, and she’s not afraid to make a dream board for you to work with. She’s set up a hashtag of your surnames after the engagement party and has been using it when adding photos of your wedding planning progress ever since — a perfect memory bank for you to look back on.

If you’re looking for your guests to spread their memories of your big day through social media, don’t worry, as this girl has already designed a Snapchat Geofilter for them to use! You should warn her first if you’re wanting a private affair though, because she’ll have your first dance on a live stream and will have Instagrammed your wedding rings before they’re even on your finger…

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