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I feel like it’s been absolutely forever since I’ve sat down and wrote anything for this little ole blog of mine, but if I’m going to be completely honest I just haven’t been feeling it or myself recently and needed a massive break.

Don’t get me wrong I was still reading blogs, watching Youtube videos, Intagramming and replying to emails but I just didn’t have it in me to actually sit down and write something.
Like I’ve sat there and gotten everything ready but I just haven’t been able to put words to paper, or well screen in this case. But now I’m feeling more myself and starting to get back into the thing of swings, feel like I’ve forgotten how to do some of the most basic blogging things including how to take a decent photo but bare with me on that! I also forgot to rip off the dead outer petals which are the ‘protection petals’ before taking my photos.

It’s coming up to Valentines day or V-Day as I like to call it and I’m not going to lie I do enjoy it, I love seeing love and everything around. But I’m quite cheesy and ‘old fashioned’ if you will with the fact I don’t expect loads or over the top gestures. All I like is some sort of card, preferably with humour and something cheesy on it and flowers. Then we’ll jus do like a normal date of food and a movie, I’m even happy with Nandos.

Who am I kidding I’d be extremely happy with Nandos.

But being in a long distance relationship where your boyfriend goes away with work a lot means that you can’t necessarily spend days like Valentines today – don’t worry we’re still going to be cute when he’s back. That’s why companies like Prestige Flowers* are so great.

Basically you get pretty flowers and gifts delivered straight to your front door, or work door in my case. I love flowers and think theres something so classic about having roses* for Valentines day and what make it better is when you also get a cute little teddy* and some chocolates* too. I mean I felt special.

They came packed easy and quite small too which was good, the flowers, teddy (Harry) and the chocolates all came in a long rectangle box which was easy to carry and get around. I’ve had some flowers before be delivered in giant massive boxes which you can’t really transport and leaves loads of wastage and recycling.

The flowers itself are extremely beautiful, the ones I received was the luxury bouquet which included red roses, foliage and rose gold leafs and detailing which makes it unique. They’ve lived quite well with the fact I’ve had them up for about a week and they’re still going, I’m also awful at keeping things alive especially flowers.

Overall I loved the service form Prestige Flowers and I will definitely be ordering from them again since they have loads of beautiful flowers available to offer and they came quickly too.

Products marked with a * was sent to me for review purposes.

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