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I love donuts okay? Like seriously love them.

In work if we have mini donuts we’ll see how many I can fit in my mouth I love them that much, oh and because it’s a fun game. So far it’s 6 I believe.

There’s just something about them that I’ve been obsessed with ever since I was a little girl but I don’t like filled ones, I absolutely despise them and if I could I’d probably ban them. I don’t know why but they just sicken me. Could be because I have horrid flashbacks to anything involving jam and just hate custard with a passion. Don’t ask.

So obviously when I see people on my Instagram uploading all theseyummy looking donuts and any food lets be honest, I search where they’re from and dream about the day I get to go there. That’s why when I went to Barcelona I had a list as long as my arm with all the foodie places i wanted to go to with half of them being places that sold donuts.

barcelona donut


This was the first donut that I saw in Barcelona it was when I was obsessed with everything vegan and was trying to find any sweet good that didn’t contain dairy (allergies suck.) It just looked so good and I knew I needed to try it and even to this day it’s probably one of the best donuts I’ve ever had, it’s so light and fluffy with the dairy free chocolate coating it makes it taste magical. Plus it’s massive and I mean massive – I think it’s probably bigger than my head.

UPDATE; Okay so apparently this place has now been closed permanently.

the beauty baker

Satans Coffee House

Did I come here for the donuts? No, I came here simply for the name and the breakfast menu seemed absolutely amazing. There will be a full post about that one day.

I couldn’t help myself when ordering I saw that they had donuts and asked for one and oh my days was I glad I did. It was so sweet, on the verge of being sickly sweet but in a good way and it was the perfect size. Smaller than the Vegan donut but not too small that you’re wishing you had more.

It was coated in something and I can’t remember what but it was so good and I’m pretty sure it was topped with shredded coconut, which if you know me I’m obsessed with coconuts especially in a pancake.



These little guys was a hassle, mainly because I wasn’t hungry what so ever, was tired, mardy, had too much sun and only wanted to buy them for the Instagram shot. That’s right these little guys was not bought because of my love for donuts but for my Insta.

I’m so glad that I actually ended up buying them thought because not only are they super cute and made my Insta look fab, they tasted delicious. You can even buy these filled which wasn’t for me but was for the person I was there with, they’re not as pretty filled FYI, the filled ones are not an Insta worthy shot.

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