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I am not one to usually try a new foundation unless there’s a massive hype about it, a have a back up of one I love in my makeup bag just in case I hate it and if it doesn’t cost too much money.

I have my favourite high street and high end foundations and I’m happy with them, I’m just too scared to go out and try new ones. I don’t like wasting money. But when I got the chance to try out the Joan Collins First Base Foundation* £25 I was intrigued.

I’ve tried some things from the Joan Collins range before mainly the skincare kind of things with her body scrub and liked them so I was interested to see how the makeup side of the collection was especially since this foundation has Anti-ageing ingredients. Now I’m not going to lie when I say for £25 I wouldn’t of bought this myself since I’ve seen barely any reviews on it and haven’t heard much about the brand.

But that could just be to do with the fact as I said before I’m really fussy with foundations and I’m actually pretty cheap, like I hate spending even a tenner for a foundation.

I actually love the packaging that this comes in and the fact it has a pump. I got the shade Warm Medium which is a little bit too dark for me, I’d say it’s just one shade darker from the perfect shade but with a little bit of powder on top it looks fine, it’s not completely noticeable. Another thing that I have noticed is that there isn’t really a wide shade range with there only being 8 shades and the darkest not being very dark.

The foundation itself is very wet, I can understand that with the fact it’s a liquid foundation but you can actually feel the wetness on your face which I’m not much of a fan of. It gives I would say a medium – light coverage, it does say online that it is easily build-able but I don’t think that’s the case since the more I applied the cake-ier it felt and it was very wet.

After applying a clear powder on top of the Joan Collins foundation it felt fine on my face and I actually really do like the finish, I’ve been wearing it all day and surprisingly it doesn’t feel heavy or caked on like it seemed like it would do. I think the powder was the thing that I needed.

It is quite a natural looking foundation and one that I will be reaching for now it’s getting warmer, hopefully I’ll get a little bit of a tan so this can be the perfect match for me, but I don’t think I would actually purchase this again for the price tag.

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