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I think there’s a difference to moving out on your own with someone else/in a house share and stuff to moving out completely on your own. Since when you move out with someone or go into a house share there’s still people there, where as if you move out completely on your own, into your own little place its just you.

I’ve always known I wouldn’t be able to cope living with someone who wasn’t a partner or in a house share, I just love having my own space too much. I understand that you can still have that not being completely on your own because you would still have your own room and space to call your own.

I just like having my whole one bedroom flat to me, myself and I – apart from on the weekends when my boyfriend usually visits and stays, but then I like sharing it with him.

I know so many people that say that they would get bored living on their own, it would drive them insane and they would just hate it. I think the key is the fact I love spending time with myself and people annoy and irritate me easily. I know as a fact that I’m quite petty so if the water run out, a room was a mess, there was dishes left that wasn’t mine and if people was over that I wasn’t aware of I’d go a little bit crazy.

I just love the freedom I have now, I can do anything I want and I don’t have to worry about anyone judging me or stuff like that. As I said before I believe living with partners is different to friends/strangers.

Obviously there’s some perks to living with someone such as paying half for all the bills and stuff but I just love being on my own too much, like some days I just can’t wait to come home and spend time on my own. Is that sad?

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