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Okay, okay so I know I’m not getting married anytime soon and that I’m not even engaged but hear me out, every since I was little I have been planning and dreaming of the day I get married. So I can’t help but stare at wedding dresses, plus I’m a bridesmaid at my friends wedding so I can always use the excuse that I’m helping her pick her dress . . . right?

Does anyone else get a bit too carried away and start looking at things such as Jewel Mother of the bride dresses as well? I’ve been browsing the website Dresshopau and I never actually knew half of the wedding dresses that’s available, it’s completely changed the idea I’ve had in my head since I was little. There’s A-line, chiffon, backless and taffeta wedding dresses, there’s just so many options!

Even though as I said I’ve always had my wedding planned out even the colour schemes, I’ve never thought of actual bridesmaid dresses styles but that’s why I l like browsing on this website because it gives me loads of different options such as if I wanted to see all of the strapless bridesmaid dresses for sale, I can easily narrow it down so I just see those.

I know that it sounds absolutely crazy that I can just sit on a website staring and going through all the different options for a wedding that I’m not even having, but surely I’m not the only person to do that right? It’s just as if you was having a browse online looking at asos or something, or anything you can’t afford.

Plus I like to be prepared just in case, although probably in the future if I ever do get married my wedding will be completely different to how I’ve always imagined it.

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