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As long as I can remember I have been absolutely awful with shaving my legs. I’m definitely one of those people that only shaves my legs if they need to whether it’s because it’s summer time and people are going to see them and I don’t fancy looking like chewbacca, or if it’s because I just need to.


With the fact it’s now becoming a lot warmer outside, I mean rememebr that mini heatwave we had not long ago? Yeah me either because it was 2 days an then it became frezing again. But it got me thinking about Laser Hair Removal because how amazing would it be to not need to shave that often or at all?


I’m a lazy shaver there’s no if’s or but’s about it, I actually dred having to shave my legs in the summer I prefer either a quick shower or relaxing bath and not to have to try and shave my legs where you know I’m gauranteed to miss a spot – usually on my knee.


While looking into Laser Hair Removal I saw that you could get it done with Pulse Light Clinic in London and oe of the many things I love about them is the fact that they’re open until 8pm on weekdays and weekends while accepting walk in’s making it easier if you’re like me and you work full time. I didn’t really know much about Laser Hair Removal until I started reading about it on their website, the fact that it reduces ingrown hair is amazing!


Obviously if this is soemthing that you are interested in you can get it in other areas of your body not just your legs pricxes range from £32 – £240 for a single treatment depending on what area you was looking to get terated but you can get discounted package deals!

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