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This isn’t going to be the first time I’ve written a post about glasses on this little ole blog of mine, I first wrote about how new glasses can change your life in 2015 and looking back on it I wish I named it something different.

I’ve also worked with here where I reviewed a pair of their glasses online and I’ve been lucky enough to work with them again on another pair of eyeglasses.

I just love getting new glasses theres something about receiving new glasses frames that can really change up your look and even make you look different. I’m not going to lie when I say ever since I got my glasses the first time with Glassesshop I’ve been living in them every day, they are my go to pair of glasses now.

So I was really excited to be able to get another pair of glasses online, this time I picked out the Wind Aviator in Tortoise* which is a beautiful pair of prescription glasses with a gold bridge on the nose and a extra gold bridge a little bit higher up making them a little bit different.

As I like with my glasses they are pretty big frames which really suit my face shape since my face is a bit of a moon head on the best of days, ask any of my friends and they will agree. They sit nicely on the face and they’re really comfortable to wear too which is so important.

The box that they came in is actually nicer and better than the one I got the first time since this one is a nice grey box with the logo on and it is magnetic I believe.

A funny story (well it’s not really funny it’s just a story) is that when I went to London wearing these glasses a lovely lady actually stopped me and asked me where I got these glasses from and she took down the name and took a photo of them with the box to make sure she got the right ones.

You can also get 50% off with the code GSHOT50.

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Okay, okay so I know I’m not getting married anytime soon and that I’m not even engaged but hear me out, every since I was little I have been planning and dreaming of the day I get married. So I can’t help but stare at wedding dresses, plus I’m a bridesmaid at my friends wedding so I can always use the excuse that I’m helping her pick her dress . . . right?

Does anyone else get a bit too carried away and start looking at things such as Jewel Mother of the bride dresses as well? I’ve been browsing the website Dresshopau and I never actually knew half of the wedding dresses that’s available, it’s completely changed the idea I’ve had in my head since I was little. There’s A-line, chiffon, backless and taffeta wedding dresses, there’s just so many options!

Even though as I said I’ve always had my wedding planned out even the colour schemes, I’ve never thought of actual bridesmaid dresses styles but that’s why I l like browsing on this website because it gives me loads of different options such as if I wanted to see all of the strapless bridesmaid dresses for sale, I can easily narrow it down so I just see those.

I know that it sounds absolutely crazy that I can just sit on a website staring and going through all the different options for a wedding that I’m not even having, but surely I’m not the only person to do that right? It’s just as if you was having a browse online looking at asos or something, or anything you can’t afford.

Plus I like to be prepared just in case, although probably in the future if I ever do get married my wedding will be completely different to how I’ve always imagined it.

Pinafore and Fishnets | Fashion pinafore pinafore

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Ahh it feels like It’s been absolutely forever since I’ve done an outfit post in any shape or form, which is weird because I’m been buying more and more clothes meaning I have enough for endless amounts of fashion posts . . .

I am completely in love with the whole rock/grunge kind of look at the moment (and have been since I was probably nine) so the fact that it’s actually fashionable now is fab! I’m not sure why you can’t really tell but I am wearing fishnet tights in this outfit which I love, the only thing I don’t love about it is the fact they catch on everything making them rip like a bitch.

It’s actually starting to feel more warmer and like Spring now which means I can actually go out (almost) bare legged and in just a jacket without feeling like I’m going to catch hyperthermia. I just love everything about this outfit from the Docs to the glasses – is it weird that I took off my real glasses and put in my contacts just so I can wear fake ones? I think it is a little bit.

Even though I haven’t seen that much of the Pinafore trend this year I still love them and could wear them all year round, I mean they’re a mix between a skirt and a dress and they make you look super cute no matter how rough you might actually feel.

These are my first ever pair of Dr Martens after wanting a pair for years and they certainly won’t be my last. I got the Virginia ones because of the super soft leather making them easier to break in, plus I love how they look when they’re fully laced. I have such a narrow foot and skinny ankle that these actually fit, plus makes any outfit that bit more ‘edgy.’

Online Glasses With Glasses Online | Fashion glasses online glasses online glasses online the beauty baker

Even though I do love wearing my contacts as you probably know by this post, I do still love wearing eye glasses. I love being lazy wearing either no makeup or very minimal makeup, hair chucked up and glasses on. Sometimes I think glasses can even make an outfit, they really can change the frame of your face and how you look – they even hide my under eye bags half of the time which is great!

I got these Frederick Round* £25.31 glasses in black because they’re really similar to a pair I already have in the house but don’t wear simply because of the fact they’re way too big for the size of my head.

I was a bit scared ordering these online because I’ve never actually ordered a pair of glasses online before so was a bit unsure whether they would actually suit me, will they look different or even be the right prescription. Luckily they came and looked just like they did on the website, suited me and are the right prescription – meaning I can actually see!

You can buy your glasses either on their own without any lenses or you can get a package deal which includes the lenses, case, cleaning cloth and a anti-scratch coating which is what I went for. I mean it’s always better to have that extra protection isn’t it? The case it comes in is just a simple clear case which is ideal if you have more than one pair of glasses and want to know which one you’re actually grabbing.

I’ve actually fallen in love with these glasses and they’re cheaper than my normal specsaver ones, plus they fit my face with is a winner. Since wearing them I’ve gotten loads of compliments and I’m surprised with how easy it is to buy glasses online.

You can get 50% off your glasses and prescription sunglasses order with with the code GSHOT50

Things That Remind Me Of My Childhood


I miss my childhood, I miss being young, having no worries and not having to pay bills (can I get a amen to that.)

There’s loads of things that remind me of my childhood from turkey twizzlers to wallace and gromit so I’m going to share a few things that takes me back to the good ole days . . .

Fashion Catalogues
I always used to have loads of fashion catalogues as a kid and would just browse through them for hours on end imaging what I would look like wearing them. Actually there was loads of magazines that I loved when I was younger including More magazine, does anyone else remember that?!

Turkey twizzlers/dinosaurs
One thing that I hate about Jamie Oliver is that he got rid of turkey twizzlers and they was the best thing that I’ve ever eaten in my life so when I had to go the dinosaurs I was kind of dissapointed. Don’t get me wrong they’re still absolutely amazing but they’re no turkey twizzler are they?

Smiley faces
Okay, okay. I still eat these now but I lived on these as a kid and even now I’m still addicted to them being burnt.

Only fools and horses
I grew up watching this with my dad near enough every night and when I go down back to Wales every year I still watch it all the time with him. I’m not sure if this is something that reminds me of my childhood or just of my dad but either way it makes me happy.

This was the programme of my childhood, so much so that even my cousins tag me in the episodes on Facebook all the time because I was obsessed! I’ve tried watching it recently but it just kind of freaks me out now . . .

This one would explain why I used to have an email called groovychickisme . . . I used to have a completely groovy chick’d bedroom floor to ceiling, I collected the magazine even when the price went straight up. I just loved everything about it and I have no idea why, I didn’t even like the colour purple that.