Guide To Buying A New Car | Lifestyle

Is it weird that I’m 22 and I don’t drive? Like I don’t even know how to, I don’t have a license or have even passed my theory test yet. I’ve never needed to drive in the past and believe in the saying that my mam used to tell me “Some people are meant to drive and other people are meant to be driven.”

But there are times when it would be handy to be able to drive myself about so the time has come for me to learn how to drive and I just love going car shopping with all my mates and family. I always struggle deciding whether it’s best to buy a car new, nearly new or old. I know that there’s pros and cons to every one with one of the major factors being price but you always have to think in the long run too, what’s the point in buying a well cheap car now if I’m going to have to fork out a lot of money on it over the years.

Working with Go Girl Insurance I’ve been able to find a guide for buying a car with the best pros and cons of both which has really helped me and hopefully will help you too if you’re looking at buying a car!

go girl

go girl

Not only can looking for a car be exciting but I’ve found there are so many companies out there offering different levels of learner driver insurance that vary both in price and optional extras so it’s worth shopping around to make sure you get the right insurance to cover while you practise towards getting your driving license.

Benefits Of Drinking Healthy Drinks


Kick start your day with a healthy and detoxifying glass of juice. This is the best way to treat your body well.
We go on with life, completely involved in work, family and kids, but when we take a look at ourselves in the mirror we make endless wishes. ‘’I wish I could lose all this weight’’, ‘’I wish I had beautiful skin and hair’’, etc.
Well, all we need to do is invest just 15 minutes a day to make a glass of healthy juice to detoxify our body and to feel healthy and refreshed.
And yes, health drinks can be delicious too.
Here are some quick recipes

Grab some mint leaves, celery, cucumber and spinach blend them into a smoothie and enjoy all the good vitamins and minerals entering your system. This makes you feel energized for the rest of the day.

Blend some apples, beetroots, carrots and tomato. The color of the smoothie is so enticing. This is one of the healthiest smoothies that straight away clears up all the impurities of the blood, leaving you with excellent health and clear skin.

Fruits taste way better than vegetables. So, how about a delicious glass of fruit smoothie? Throw in some Bananas, Kiwi and sapodilla into the blender and enjoy the natural sugary taste packed with proteins. Or if you are a fan of citruses- you can use oranges, or lemons and say hello to vitamin C.

Here comes the best one and probably the one which is going to be the most handy. 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of ginger and 1 tablespoon of aloe Vera mixed in hot water. Drink this up first thing in the morning and see all your fat just melting away within 15 days.

The feeling of happiness and positivity comes in the pink of health.
Give your body a break from the sodas and colas and treat it with some colorful, healthy and delicious smoothies.


Now that your favourite ingredients will be in the blender you could take the time out to play free online bingo to refresh your mind as well.

Life Update | Lifestyle

life update

It’s been a while hasn’t it?

I feel like I’m taking so many breaks at the minute but sometimes it’s just what you need, ya know? I’ve had to much going on in my life that I’ve barely had time to breath with all the stressing I’ve been doing, never mind actually sit down to write a blog post.

But here I am, sat here about to write about everything that’s happened to me – or at least part of it. I’m all for sharing stuff especially on my own little place on the internet but there’s some things that’s just not to be shared.

Well where do I start? I’ve got a new job, a family member died, I left my boyfriend of six years and moved out of the house we lived in together.

Basically my life did a whole 360 and if you even mentioned to me half the stuff I’ve done in the past months I would of laughed in your face.

I’ve gotten my first tattoo, stopped being the person that says they’re going to do something then not do it. I’m doing it now. If I say I’m doing it, I’m going to do it.

Life’s too short to be unhappy.

I’ve decided that I need to start being more selfish and doing things for me, because I want to do it. Yeah it might hurt some people along the way but that’s life isn’t it?

I will admit that moving out on your own is super hard though, especially in these circumstances. But ya know what? I’m doing it and I’m proud of myself for it.

But yeah, basically that’s it.
If any of you reading this is my friend or see me in real life, please give me a cuddle and be supportive.
I’ve just got to much shit going on at once that it’s hard and I need my friends.

My Ultimate Dream | Lifestyle

ultimate dream

I think everyone has some sort of dream don’t they? Whether it’s winning the lottery, marrying the ‘one’ or just getting a pet.

I always remember when I was a little girl wanting to be either a gymnast or ballerina but as soon as I knew those dreams was out the window I never really had a career dream. I always just imagined myself working in a office monday-friday in some sort of way and using the phone which weirdly is what I am doing now in my new job – so yay for that bit coming true!

But sometimes I have different dreams about travelling, having a celebrity fancy the pants off me, finding out spider-man is real and New York has just been keeping it a secret all these years and the real life Peter Parker falls in love with me in when I visit the Big Apple. Is the last one too weird? I like it.

I plan on making my dreams come true, well the ones I can. Such as travelling the world, doing the splits, being able to do somersaults, speaking a different language. Basically my dreams all seem to be around changing me and my current life but I want to explore, see the world, meet new people and try new foods.

I would love the chance to be able to speak to people in their native language, show off by doing a back flip or something. Don’t get me wrong I would love the ultimate family life one day marrying someone, having babies, the whole white picket fence life but I’ll think about that more after I’ve travelled.

Why It’s Okay Not To Be Perfect | Lifestyle


One thing that I’ve always thought about growing up was reasons why I had to be perfect and the same as everybody else and until recently it’s that I’ve realised that’s not the case.

Everyone has they’re own idea of ‘perfect’ in their head and I think we all need to come through to the idea that no matter how hard we wish, work or try that might not ever happen and that’s okay.

It’s okay to be different to others and to have you’re own flaws and quirks, some people might find them quite and if they don’t, fuck them. Just try and be happy with yourself because as soon as you start believing that it’s okay not to be perfect, the better.

You never know, you might be someones idea of perfect as you are now, in a onesie, easting subway, watching gilmore girls in bed at 6pm on a Saturday evening. No just me doing that tonight? Perfect Saturday night in my opinion.

There’s so many people out there in the world that as soon as I see what they’re doing on Instagram, Twitter and what not I wish that was me. I can’t help it it’s my biggest flaw because my idea of perfection is basically the complete opposite of myself. I fell like in a way that’s what all of our ideas of perfections are.

Even though I said no matter how hard we try we’ll never be out idea of perfect we can get close enough if you really wanted to. For all these years I’ve been trying to be perfect but not the perfect that I actually desired, the type I was searching for was to be what I thought everybody else ‘perfect’ was and that was my fault.

Now I’ve booked my tattoo (shock horror, a ‘perfect’ girl wouldn’t have those,) got more ear piercings than the basic lobe (what?!) I’ve even booked my first solo trip into the big wide world, e.g., Valencia. Because of all of this I feel like I’m a lot happier (scared) and closer to my idea of perfect.

But nobody is, no matter how close I will be to my ‘perfect’ I will always have my flaws, imperfections and that’s okay because we all do.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that don’t worry that you’re not perfect to you because to someone out there, you’re perfect to them.