The Chipiron Restaurant Barcelona | Travel

the chipiron restaurant the chipiron restaurant the chipiron restaurant

Ahh paella, the most delicious meal known to man, or well me, myself and I. Ever since I’ve gotten back from Barcelona all I’ve been dreaming about is the amazing paella I ate over seas, it was honestly some of the nicest food I’ve ever eaten and I know I say that about everything I eat but this is just next level stuff.

I’ve tried Paella a lot and from loads of different places but the seafood one from The Chipiron Restaurant in Barcelona is amazing. The thing that makes this so great isn’t just the food itself it’s the view, it’s sat right on the waterfront with mirrored ceilings making it extremely scenic.

We got the large original seafood paella to share which I don’t regret doing in the slightest because it came in this GIANT pan where you just helped yourself. Did you know the best part of a paella is the crispy parts on the edges? Not just a fact from me, a fact from everyone.

The fact that you can sit either inside or outside depending on you mood and the whether is fab too, usually I’m not much of a fan of sitting outside especially when I’m eating because of the flies. I don’t usually like sharing food anyway never mind sharing them with pesky insects. But sitting outside in the warm spanish sun with the salty breeze from the water, eating paella is just something else.

The prices I think is very reasonable with the paella costing €16.85, I did want to try the sword fish and baby squid paella but sadly I couldn’t convince my boyfriend to go for it. Next time I to The Chipiron Restaurant go I’m definitely going to be getting that one though!

If you ever go to Barcelona I definitely recommend going to The Chipron and trying the paella!

Why You Need To Visit Barcelona Food Markets | Travel

barcelona food market barcelona food market barcelona food markets

I am a massive foodie, always have been and always will be. I’ve always been facinated about food, from the flavours, textures and how it looks. So obviously finding out that Barcelona had a food market just off of St Rambles I had to take a detour back to my Air BnB to check it out.

If you ever go to Barcelona definitely make sure you check out the Barcelona Food Markets like this food market Mercado de La Boqueria at La Rambla, 91, 08001 It’s honestly so amazing and I would go back to Barcelona just to go back to this market. Although I didn’t actually know that there was so many different food markets in Berlin because I definitely would of tried them all out, but because this was the most raved about and easiest to find I’m glad I went to this one.

They sell so many different types of foods and drinks from fresh fruit juices which are absolutely devine so cooked baby octopus, which is also amazing. You can get seafood, cooked or raw (to cook at home, it’s not sushi.) Fruit, chocolate covered things, churros, meat, paella, cheese, loads of other cooked foods. There’s just so much to chose from that you will definitely want to visit more than once.

The octopus is something that I still dream about.

Be aware that it is usually super busy, I went on my own and did feel a little bit like a sardine in a tin. I also didn’t have enough arms to carry and eat everything I wanted. Also the only reason I bought this coconut is for the photo puposes, I think it was only about €1 and thought it would look great on my Instagram.

I would say to definitely give it a go at least once, have a sangria, eat some food, take loads of photos. Just enjoy yourself.

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Barcelona Tapas Tour | Travel

barcelona tapas tour barcelona tapas tour tapas tour tapas tour barcelona tapas tour barcelona tapas tour barcelona tapas tour

It feels like it’s been forever since I went to Barcelona never mind since I’ve last wrote a post on it but alas here I am typing away because I’ve yet again got that travel bug – but I can’t quite afford to book another trip yet so I’ve decided to relive it all through my photos and posts.

One thing that I say you have to do is to book a tapas tour, the ones I booked was from TBB which is Tapas Tours Barcelona which is just a Barcelona Tapas Tour and it was amazing. The main thing that I like about the tapas tours is that you really get the experience Barcelona and try loads of different foods that you may not of tried and even visit places that you didn’t know existed!

You can either book and pay online which I did or just reserve a place then pay at the end of the tour which some of the people in our group did. The group we was in was small with only about 5 or 6 of us and the tour guide so it made it easy to get around and even better to try all of the foods – you are walking for the whole tour so I recommend wearing comfy shoes, since I was an absolute idiot and wore brand new mid heel sandals and by the end of it I had about 7 blisters and could barely walk . . .

I think we went to four different places altogether which was all around Barcelona wear you got a drink and some Tapas at each one, my personal favourite was the third place because it was some of the most tastiest food I’ve ever had in my life! All though all of the food I had was pretty amazing.

With the walk you get to see some beautiful sights and our tour guide from originally from Catalan and spoke amazing English so she was even trying to teach us some Spanish around which was pretty cool. She also gave us loads of facts about the city and all the different parts we was at, as well as facts about each restaurant and what we was eating – basically we learnt a lot!

I’ll definitely be doing the Barcelona Tapas Tour again next time I go to Barcelona because even though it  €20 it really is worth the money, because lets face it that’s a steal!.

Staying In A Air BnB, Would I Recommend It? | Travel


air bnb

Back in May I stayed in my first ever Air BnB and it wasn’t even me who booked it. I’ve been debating about ever staying in one before because I had never seen that many reviews on them before and a part of me was scared that it was going to be completely dodgy, dirty or that I was going to have a serial killer great me at the door and then watch over me sleep at night.

Since actually staying in one myself thought I would definitely go back because it’s so nice, it’s like a home away from home. The only flaw from my experience is that there wasn’t any lifts so I had to walk up about four flights of stairs everyday and with the fact we was leaving the apartment about three times a day it meant I was exhausted by the end of it, but that could of also been to do with the fact we was walking around all day, everyday not the stairs.

The place I stayed in was completely clean and cute with a little balcony, it had a little kitchen that we could use and a fridge which was great for keeping the sangria in – we even had wifi which if you know me at all was something that I felt like I needed. I’ve even browsed the Air BnB website myself before and after staying in one, it’s just so easy to navigate on even with the filter options to make sure you’re in a certain bit, that you have wifi etc – plus there’s even places you can stay in for months or just one night, it can work out cheaper than a hotel or about the same as a hostel if you look right or go with a group of friends.

Overall I actually loved staying in a Air BnB and will be staying in more to come in the future, I loved staying in it more than some of the hotels I’ve been in!

Why You Have To Go To Berlin In December | Travel


I can’t believe that it’s been a whole year near enough since I went to Berlin and fell in love with the City. Berlin as a whole is just amazing all year round but in December and at Christmas time it’s just phenomenal because it’s so festive with all of the Christmas Markets that you just have to go.

If you’re anything like me and you love a good ole Christmas Market or just Christmas as a whole you’ll absolutely adore Berlin, basically forget everything you think you know about a good market because what you’ll live, feel and see over seas is 10x better and I mean everything is better. The fairs are better, mulled wine, hot apple cider, Liqour hot chocolates, bratwurst – oh my the bratwurst. I am a massive fan of a good bratwurst anyway but the ones in Berlin are just something else.

You get such a amazing vibe there and all of the people I met are some of the nicest people ever, when me and my friend was lost and confused at the train station this lovely guy that barely spoke any English helped us the best he could without us asking for any help.

There’s just so may different types of markets over there from the more traditional ones, the more famous ones to the ones that juts totally crazy. I did write a post last year on my favourite Christmas Markets in Berlin here so you can get some type of idea on all the different ones, but honestly I didn’t not like any of them. Plus they’re all easy to get too and quite close together which is a massive win win.

I definitely recommend going to Berlin this December even if it’s for a weekend trip on your own because you won’t regret it!