Some Of The Best Places For Donuts In Barcelona | Travel

I love donuts okay? Like seriously love them.

In work if we have mini donuts we’ll see how many I can fit in my mouth I love them that much, oh and because it’s a fun game. So far it’s 6 I believe.

There’s just something about them that I’ve been obsessed with ever since I was a little girl but I don’t like filled ones, I absolutely despise them and if I could I’d probably ban them. I don’t know why but they just sicken me. Could be because I have horrid flashbacks to anything involving jam and just hate custard with a passion. Don’t ask.

So obviously when I see people on my Instagram uploading all theseyummy looking donuts and any food lets be honest, I search where they’re from and dream about the day I get to go there. That’s why when I went to Barcelona I had a list as long as my arm with all the foodie places i wanted to go to with half of them being places that sold donuts.

barcelona donut


This was the first donut that I saw in Barcelona it was when I was obsessed with everything vegan and was trying to find any sweet good that didn’t contain dairy (allergies suck.) It just looked so good and I knew I needed to try it and even to this day it’s probably one of the best donuts I’ve ever had, it’s so light and fluffy with the dairy free chocolate coating it makes it taste magical. Plus it’s massive and I mean massive – I think it’s probably bigger than my head.

UPDATE; Okay so apparently this place has now been closed permanently.

the beauty baker

Satans Coffee House

Did I come here for the donuts? No, I came here simply for the name and the breakfast menu seemed absolutely amazing. There will be a full post about that one day.

I couldn’t help myself when ordering I saw that they had donuts and asked for one and oh my days was I glad I did. It was so sweet, on the verge of being sickly sweet but in a good way and it was the perfect size. Smaller than the Vegan donut but not too small that you’re wishing you had more.

It was coated in something and I can’t remember what but it was so good and I’m pretty sure it was topped with shredded coconut, which if you know me I’m obsessed with coconuts especially in a pancake.



These little guys was a hassle, mainly because I wasn’t hungry what so ever, was tired, mardy, had too much sun and only wanted to buy them for the Instagram shot. That’s right these little guys was not bought because of my love for donuts but for my Insta.

I’m so glad that I actually ended up buying them thought because not only are they super cute and made my Insta look fab, they tasted delicious. You can even buy these filled which wasn’t for me but was for the person I was there with, they’re not as pretty filled FYI, the filled ones are not an Insta worthy shot.

Things To Do In Barcelona | Travel


How often do I talk about travelling? In real life probably at least once a day, on my blog. Not often enough, nowhere near enough.

I love travelling, I can’t help it and I’m pretty sure it runs in my blood with the fact my mam is a massive fan of wanderlust, plus my dad likes it a bit too. I just love everything about it but one of the cities I fell in love with was Barcelona, just everything about it was amazing and there’s so much to do that you’ll never be bored. I need that in a City since I tend to get bored extremely easily.

Here’s some of the things you need to do while you’re in Barcelona.

Go to the food market
This was a amazing experience and I would go back to Barcelona just for this. Walking around the food market and just seeing everything they have to offer from the fresh fruit, smoothies, seafood and even mini tapas restaurants you’re bound to find something to snack on walking around. Mine was the baby octopus . . .

the beauty bakerEat Paella on the waterside
I think this was my favourite thing to do simply because of my love for Paella. If you’re like me and you love paella in the UK or wherever you are you’ll absolutely adore it in Spain, mainly because it’s 10x better being from that country and all that.

Drink cocktails on the beach
I went in May when it was really warm with a nice cool breeze so I think it’s obvious we was going to sit on the wall of the beach when we walked past. there’s loads of people selling cocktails on the beach though and they do kind of make you feel like you need to buy one, but I’m so glad that I bought my mojito since a cocktail on the beach in Barcelona is fabulous.

Walk down las rambles
Everyone says Las Ramles is known for it’s pick pockets but when I was there I didn’t see one person get robbed. Don’t let that make you think that you won’t be though, always be safe. But I do recommend going down this super long street to see some sights, shoppers and those guys that dress up in those weird costumes.

barcelonaEat ALL of the donuts
The main reason that I went to Barcelona was for the donuts, is that bad? i saw loads of people uploading photos to Instagram of the donuts and it got me craving them so as soon as I knew I was going I had to google the whereabouts of the donuts. I’m doing a separate post about all of the donuts you need to try when you’re out there so make sure you keep an eye out for that.

Do a tapas tour
If you’ve seen my post on the tapas tour I did in Barcelona HERE you’ll know that it was one of the best things I did and I recommend everyone to give it a go.

Have churros
I mean why would you not have churros in the country of their origin? They taste so different to anything you would of every tried before that everytime you each churro outside of Spain you’ll feel like you’re just eating a greasy ball of mess.

Eat out every chance you get
Barcelona I found was extremely cheap to eat in so every chance you get eat out, try something new. There’s so many different things to try and meals you wouldn’t o even thought excited back here in the UK, plus brunch in Satan’s coffee is ah-maze-ing.

CABSLAM Berlin | Travel

cabslam cabslam cabslam cabslam

I love brunch, there’s just something so much better about having brunch than breakfast or lunch. Even though 99% of the time I’ll have all three . . . I can eat okay?

I love all of the food that you can get because there’s usually loads of different things including avocados, eggs, fancy different things which you never knew excited. So on my recent travels to Berlin as soon as I heard about the place CABSLAM which is meant to be the place for breakfast/brunch I knew I needed to go.

CABSLAM – Innstraße 47, Neukölln, 12045, Berlin

CABSLAM actually stands for The California Breakfast Slam so you can understand why they shortened the name, even though it’s nice putting that everywhere would take ages. The name comes from the fact that it’s an American style place that serves breakfast and brunch served with some California love.

Have I already mentioned how much I love this place? Like I honestly fell in love with it and would love to go back to Berlin simply for this place, if you’re ever in the city it’s a must.

Fair enough it is a short trek to find it and we did get a little confused by our map apps, it took us through some of not the best streets which was a little scary but at the same time I loved it, you really got a feel for the place and saw the bits that’s not just on show as you would expect. This doesn’t mean that CABSLAM is in some sort of run down, unsafe slum by any means – you’re perfectly safe.

I opted for the Huevos Rancheros in the brunch size for €8.90 and if you’re not aware what that is it’s basically a plate of two homemade corn tortilla with two fried eggs, black beans, fresh pico de gallo salsa, guacamole and sour cream. I’ve never tried this before but thought it sounded like the perfect thing and oh my days was it one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.
It was honestly so good and just writing this post and looking back at the photos is making me drool, I might have to try and recreate this myself at home one day.

Mark on the other hand opted for the Breakfast Burrito for €6.90, not going to lie I was completely tempted to opt for this one myself because it sounds amazing. ‘Flour tortilla filled with egg, bacon, cheese, black beans, ranchero sauce and potato.’ – I would be lying if I said I didn’t end up eating probably half of it, I can’t help it. I have a thing for eggs okay?

Overall get me on a plane back to this place asap.

The Chipiron Restaurant Barcelona | Travel

the chipiron restaurant the chipiron restaurant the chipiron restaurant

Ahh paella, the most delicious meal known to man, or well me, myself and I. Ever since I’ve gotten back from Barcelona all I’ve been dreaming about is the amazing paella I ate over seas, it was honestly some of the nicest food I’ve ever eaten and I know I say that about everything I eat but this is just next level stuff.

I’ve tried Paella a lot and from loads of different places but the seafood one from The Chipiron Restaurant in Barcelona is amazing. The thing that makes this so great isn’t just the food itself it’s the view, it’s sat right on the waterfront with mirrored ceilings making it extremely scenic.

We got the large original seafood paella to share which I don’t regret doing in the slightest because it came in this GIANT pan where you just helped yourself. Did you know the best part of a paella is the crispy parts on the edges? Not just a fact from me, a fact from everyone.

The fact that you can sit either inside or outside depending on you mood and the whether is fab too, usually I’m not much of a fan of sitting outside especially when I’m eating because of the flies. I don’t usually like sharing food anyway never mind sharing them with pesky insects. But sitting outside in the warm spanish sun with the salty breeze from the water, eating paella is just something else.

The prices I think is very reasonable with the paella costing €16.85, I did want to try the sword fish and baby squid paella but sadly I couldn’t convince my boyfriend to go for it. Next time I to The Chipiron Restaurant go I’m definitely going to be getting that one though!

If you ever go to Barcelona I definitely recommend going to The Chipron and trying the paella!

Why You Need To Visit Barcelona Food Markets | Travel

barcelona food market barcelona food market barcelona food markets

I am a massive foodie, always have been and always will be. I’ve always been facinated about food, from the flavours, textures and how it looks. So obviously finding out that Barcelona had a food market just off of St Rambles I had to take a detour back to my Air BnB to check it out.

If you ever go to Barcelona definitely make sure you check out the Barcelona Food Markets like this food market Mercado de La Boqueria at La Rambla, 91, 08001 It’s honestly so amazing and I would go back to Barcelona just to go back to this market. Although I didn’t actually know that there was so many different food markets in Berlin because I definitely would of tried them all out, but because this was the most raved about and easiest to find I’m glad I went to this one.

They sell so many different types of foods and drinks from fresh fruit juices which are absolutely devine so cooked baby octopus, which is also amazing. You can get seafood, cooked or raw (to cook at home, it’s not sushi.) Fruit, chocolate covered things, churros, meat, paella, cheese, loads of other cooked foods. There’s just so much to chose from that you will definitely want to visit more than once.

The octopus is something that I still dream about.

Be aware that it is usually super busy, I went on my own and did feel a little bit like a sardine in a tin. I also didn’t have enough arms to carry and eat everything I wanted. Also the only reason I bought this coconut is for the photo puposes, I think it was only about €1 and thought it would look great on my Instagram.

I would say to definitely give it a go at least once, have a sangria, eat some food, take loads of photos. Just enjoy yourself.

For more posts about my travels to Barcelona click here.