BornPrettyStore | Galaxy Necklace

Galaxy Necklace* £4.30

Can I first just state how beautiful this necklace is, I don’t think the photos even does it justice I mean if you can fall head over heels in love with a piece of jewellery and want to marry it I think I may of just done that. If there’s one thing about me that you might not know it’s that I’ve always been fasinated by space and galaxies – mainly because of everything that’s up there that’s unknown (ahem aliens.) Just looking at this necklace makes me feel so calm inside and honestly I do find this completely weird for the fact it’s a piece of string with a pretty ball that I wear around my neck that only costs £4.30, yes that’s right this necklace costs less than a fiver – to be precise it costs less than my normal McDonalds order.

If you’ve been a reader of The Beauty Baker for a while you will know that I’ve tried by fair share of products from BornPrettyStore and basically everything I’ve had I haven’t been disappointment with and as you can probably guess this is by far my favourite product out of all of these. I am a massive necklace person and I always have been but even with that fact I do tend to find a necklace that I love and wear it constantly, only ever taking it off to bathe because I don’t want to ruin it so since getting this it’s been on my neck non stop.

I will admit that one thing does annoy me and that’s the little like in the middle of the orb where you can see where the two sides going up so it isn’t spacey all the way through – it’s hard to explain but basically imagine putting two flat pieces of paper inside a circle orb and looking at it from the side and it might make sense. It’s nothing too bad or even noticeable but it’s just me being me, if you remember the Hannah Montanna song Nobody’s Perfecccccccct.

On the website you can actually buy quite a few different space styles inside the orbs and the one I got was number 18 but with how obsessed I am with this one I think I might just buy all the rest, plus it’s my favourite kind of necklace being on a black fabric string instead of your normal metal finish while not being heavy or even that notacable that you’re actually wearing it. I mean who wants to be weighed down my jewellery?!

Have you tried anything from BornPrettyStore before?


Crobar | Two New Cricket Flour Flavours

Raspberry, Cacao & Cricket Flour* | Coffee, Vanilla & Cricket Flour* £7.99 for 4

Okay so you may remember a while back that I did a post on Crobar which is basically a healthy snack made with cricket flour and I know that’s something a bit strange and hard to get your head around but when you did they really are nice! So when I found out that there’s two new flavours I was eager to give them a try – if you want to find out all the details on Crobar you c an check out my old post here.

Out of both of these flavours my favourite one has to be the Raspberry one but the Coffee one is a close second, out of all of the Crobar flavours these two are definitely my favourite out of all of them.  I just love the fact that they’re so easy to grab and chuck in my handbag when I’m on the go and I don’t have to worry about eating something bad for me – although we all know that won’t stop me from binge eating a family bag of crisps in one sitting, it’s all about balance after all . . . 

I’m pretty sure these two new flavours are smaller in size than all the others but I do prefer it because it means I can eat two and technically be eating less. Just in case you’re wondering you can’t actually taste any cricket and you don’t get a weird meat taste like I thought you might, you just taste all the yummy flavours!

Have you tried Cricket flour before?

Products marked with a * was sent to me for review purposes.

Too Faced | Better Than Sex Mascara

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara £18

When it comes to mascaras I’m super naughty and I don’t actually replace it as often as I should and I’m pretty sure I’ve been using a mascara that’s well past it’s due date recently but I’m just too scared to buy a new one that I might not like and let’s face it a good mascara is never cheap! That’s why I’m super happy there’s such a thing as minis so I can get to try out a mascara without breaking the bank (well by too much anyway,) but I can never seem to find the minis online only ever in some stores which is annoying but I do recommend if you ever go to a Sephora to pick up all of the minis!

I did pick up this Too Faced Better Than Sex mini in Sephora so I only know that it was €10 and me big me thought that was a well good bargain and threw it in my basket, I’ve been wanting to try this mascara out for the longest time now but I’ve never tried it just because I couldn’t bring myself to spend £18 on the full sized one. I do love how cute a mini is too because it’s so much easier to carry around with you!

The packing is the same as the full sized being a pale metallic pink which is beautiful and one of my favourite colours but with the name all the people I’ve talked to about it is very confused because lets face it ‘better than sex‘ isn’t for the prude people of the world! The brush has loads of little bristles which for the life of me I can’t remember the term but they’re not the plastic ones which I know some people prefer but I hate the plastic ones so as soon as I saw this brush came with these I was like SCORE! With it being a mini I do find it a bit awkward to apply to my lower lashes but I am a awkward person so that could just be me because applying it to my top lashes are super easy.

This has become my favourite mascara with the fact it makes my eyelashes look amazing and not like a spider which is a massive no no when it comes to makeup. It is a pretty wet formula but it’s easy to use and makes your eyelashes a lot more full and I can say this because my one eye has very sparse and basically no eyelashes but with this mascara it’s like helloooooo I actually have eyelashes, I’ve worn this as a base and a top coat with falsies and just on it’s own and I love it for both but as I said it is a pretty wet formula which can cause smudging throughout the day which is my own fault!

Overall I am definitely repurchasing the full sized one when this mini has dried out!

Have you tried anything from Too Faced before?

Charlotte Tilbury | Matte Revolution Lipstick In Bond Girl

 Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Bond Girl £23

If you’ve been on here since Christmas time you’ll remember that I got my hands on my first ever Charlotte Tilbury products with one of them being a lipstick and ever since then I feel in love with them, I will admit that I still haven’t bought anything with my own money with the fact this lipstick was a gift for my birthday! The lipstick I got was the shade Bond Girl which is part of the Matte Revolution collection.

As with all the lipsticks I’m just drawn to the packaging you just know as soon as you see the burgundy boxes you’ve got something good, it kind of makes me feel all fancy opening a nice box and then seeing a rose gold bullet staring at me because I kind of lose all sense of reality and think I’ve won the lottery and I’m opening up actual gold which will pay for all my future makeup . . . 

The shade of this one is a pinky browny nude (that’s the best way I can describe it) in the bullet it does look more like a brown nude but when swatched and applied to your lips you can see the pink undertone which makes it more of a pinky nude but not over the top. I know I’ve described that awfully but if you went into a shop and saw it in the bullet you might think it looks totally different to how it is on, it really is a beautiful shade reminding me of a more natural lip colour just a bit more extreme as if you was editing a photo of yourself and put the colour/saturation up – it does actually look more muted in the photos for some reason but don’t let that put you off it really is beautiful!

Even though it’s a matte finish I don’t actually find this drying which is amazing because for £23 I don’t really fancy buying a lipstick and then wearing it for about an hour before I have to take it off because it’s made my lips feel like sandpaper. It lasts as long as I find most my lipsticks do weirdly as I always find myself writing that they last around 4-5 hours so it might just be my lips or me being super fussy but that’s how long I usually wear this before topping it especially with eating as I get lipstick chin super easily so I always apply another coat to be safe (who likes lipstick chin!?)

Overall this lipstick is a massive yes if not for the packing alone!

Have you tried a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick before?

Makeup Revolution | I Heart Makeup, Death By Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette

 Makeup Revolution Death By Chocolate Palette £7.99

I know as a fact whenever I talk about a new eyeshadow palette I always mention about how much of a crazy eyeshadow palette lady I am and honestly some of the best and cheapest palettes I’ve found are by Makeup Revolution hence why this post is about their Death By Chocolate eyeshadow palette which is part of the I heart Makeup range.

I’ve tried some of the other palettes from this range before and loved them so I was super happy to finally start using this because I’ve actually been eyeing this up for ages but never got round to buying it! You get 16 different shades with 9 being a shimmer and the other 7 being matte finishes (I think I could be wrong) you really do have a versatile amount to play around with especially with the shades ranging from light neutrals to darker shades you can go straight from a daytime look to a party look in a matter of seconds!

As all the other palettes when you open up the box you see that the actual palette looks like a chocolate bar that’s starting to melt which I still think looks super cool and is extremely different to any other eyeshadow palette I’ve seen, most of the other ones are just plain and flat which are pretty boring. Although if I’m a bit hungry or  it’s coming up to that time of the month I am a little bit tempted to try and eat it because it can be a bit deceiving . . .

The pigmentation of these are the same as the rest of the palettes which are amazing especially for the price plus they’re super creamy on the skin and easy to blend so you don’t walk round looking like a clown, yes there’s a bit of fall out like there always is with eyeshadows but if you have some tape under your eyes you can catch that easily and don’t have to worry about messing up your makeup. I think this palette is perfect for a smokey eye whether it’s a neutral one or a dark one you can make a amazing look with it, my favourite shade though definitely has to be Tear The Wrapper which is on the first arm swatched second from the bottom it’s a beautiful shimmering orange copper shade that I just can’t get enough of!

What’s your favourite shade?