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seedlip seedlip seedlip original seedlip original
I’m not someone that drinks that often and if I’m in the house I usually just drink squash but there’s loads of non alcoholic drinks out that are meant to resemble cocktails and such I thought I’d give one a go.

I tried the Seedlip Original* £27.95 from 31DOVER which is a distilled non-alcoholic spirit with hints of wood, spices and citrus. Honestly I had no idea what the Seedlip was going to taste like or anything and was really surprised by the consistency of it because straight off the bat it reminded me of water.

It was just the consistency of the Seedlip that reminded me of water though since the taste of this is so intense. I think because I had no idea what to expect it just kind of kicked me in the face full force, it felt a bit like I just did a shot of tequila without the burning feeling. Because of the spices and wood it does give it a really smokey flavour which I think is a personal taste.

Sadly it’s not really a personal taste for me on it’s own, but as a mixer it’s lovely. Don’t be a idiot like I did and basically do shots of non alcohol spirits because that’s not what this Seedlip is for, it’s meant to be  used as a mixer – on the website it’s mixed with tonic water but I prefer it with Diet Lemonade. That’s just because I despise tonic water though!

This drink is basically a Gin for when you don’t want to actually drink so if you had it mixed with some tonic water you’re basically drinking a non alcohol Gin and Tonic with a twist. Plus Seedlip* is 0.2 calories per 50ml serve, thats not even 1 calorie a drink HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Basically if you’re on a diet and not drinking, drink this.

31Dover | The Unofficial Sponsors Of Halloween House Parties

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Even though I’m a massive fan of Halloween and create loads of different looks each year, carve my pumpkins and cook loads of yummy Halloween treats I never actually do anything for the actual holiday. Every year I usually just stay in the house binge watching horror and Halloween films with loads of yummy Halloween treats, nachos and some kind of boozy beverage so of course when I found out that there’s such a thing as Halloween themed booze I was over the moon!

On 31Dover are the ‘Unofficial Sponsors of Halloween House Parties‘ and I can really see why because they have such a range of different alcohol and drink packages to make your night extra special and hassle free. I have to say the delivery is extremely fast too with my parcel coming within two days which means it’s great if you’re needing to do some last minute buying for a party you’re throwing, going to or even if you’re like me and just staying in the house.

In my box I got three mini spirits including Chase Marmalade Vodka*, Crystal Head Vodka* and Patron XO Café Tequila*. I absolutely love the look of the crystal head vodka because I think it gives it a really nice Halloween vibe and I’m going to be keeping the bottle since it just looks completely awesome – I might even start filling it up with other drinks or be creative and fill it with glitter and keep it on my dresser! Not only do you find cute and some unique alcohol on their site they’re also at good value and are very good quality, I have never tried a smoother vodka than the one that I’ve received in my cute little black box.

I just love everything and how easy it is to use 31Dover so whenever I need to buy some alcohol no matter of the occasion.