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This Topshop lipstick in the shade Naturist is probably the first actual lipstick that I’ve tried in god knows how long, mainly because of the fact that I’m a little bit obsessed with liquid lipsticks but there’s just something about Topshop lipsticks that I love.

I think the main thing that I love about these lipsticks are the formula, they’re just so creamy and easy to apply while also being really pigmented which is great! The only thing that I don’r like about these are that they do bleed/transfer pretty easily so you do have to be a little bit careful, oh and after eating and drinking it does transfer off but that’s what you can expect with lipsticks – or at least I do.

The shade nudist is absolutely beautiful, it kind of reminds me of Jeffree Star’s Posh spice but more wearable and less matte so if you want to try that out or want something less in your face definitely give this a try! To me this shade is a brown, pink nude with grey undertones, it does look more like a natural lip than a 90’s lip too if you was worried about that!

I just love the packaging too because it’s so simple and sleek, it’s just nice to look at with it being white it also makes it amazing to photograph. I know, I know, I’m easily pleased when it comes to packing but I’ve always preferred something to be minimalistic than too flashy, especially with the fact I always have my lipsticks on show. Although I will say that they do get pretty dirty fast, but all lipsticks do.

I wore this to work and got loads of compliments on it that nobody thought it was actually Topshop, I think they’re beauty range always gets looked past as not good when in fact it’s pretty decent!

NYX Nudes | Why They’re My Favourite.



How many times do I mention how much I love a good nude? (Not those kind of nudes you dirty buggers!)

I love a nude lipstick especially if they’re a liquid lipstick, I just absolutely adore them because they’re so easy to wear and will go with any makeup look. Smokey eye, chuck on a nude. Natural cat eye, chuck on a nude. Batman makeup, chuck on a nude.

I have tried many lipstick formulas and finished all by different brands and I’ve come to the conclusion that my all time favourite has to be the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. Which I think is a great thing because not only am I in love with them they’re also only £5.50 a pop so it’s an absolute steal! It’s not only their matte finishes that I like, to be completely honest I love all of their liquid lipstick and glosses!

One thing that I love about these is the simple packaging and how easy they are to just chuck in your bag because of how small and lightweight they are, oh and the vanilla scent – they smell exactly like the Vanilla Frosting Yankee Candles!

The pigmentation of every NYX product I’ve tried are absolutely amazing, I mean with one swatch you have enough pigmentation so you know that the products will last you ages. With the Butter Glosses the formula isn’t sticky on the lips and is super glossy which makes your lips look absolutely gorgeous and they’re not that wet when applying them either which means you have total control – no smudges there.

With the Matte Lip Creams I don’t find them drying in the slightest and they have such different shades of nudes that I’m sure you can find your perfect shade, no matter of your skin tone. I’m pretty sure that I have at least 12 nudes by them now and I’ve even used up two so I need to repurchase them soon too, since I’ve been buying these I’ve basically not used any other nude shade and can’t stand to touch my actual lipsticks – it’s all about that liquid lipstick formula.

Don’t get me wrong I do still love wearing all the different colours especially a berry and a red but they’re still by NYX, I think they’re slowly and surely becoming my all time favourite brand which is fab because that means I can buy a lot of makeup and technically save money since I’m not buying anything really expensive!

Kylie Lip Kits, Are They Worth It? | Beauty


I think everyone now has at least tried a Kylie lip kit or at least knows someone that owns one, myself included. I now have six I think lip kits and I’m here to give my honest opinion on them and whether or not I think they’re completely worth the money and the god awful shipping.

Honestly, I don’t. Don’t get me wrong I do really like the lip kits – mainly the liquid lipsticks but I don’t think they’re worth the $29 price or the roughly £15 customs charge you get. I will be purchasing some more of the liquid lipsticks int he future though because at $17 I don’t think that price is too bad, although you can definitely get the same quality for cheaper prices by NYX.

Let me just clear something – I do really like the liquid lipsticks, I’m just not a fan of the lip liners, I think the liners are kind of basic and I honestly prefer my £1 from Primark that I get. You’re definitely paying for the name of the brand and not the product with the lip liners in my opinion but with the lipsticks even though you’re still paying for the name the actual quality of these are great, or at least they are in my opinion.

I love the shades of them and the pigmentation but some of the shades and i have no idea why it’s only with some shades, are extremely drying, so much so that they’re basically unbearable. Someone once tried one of mine at work and had to remove it not long after because they said it felt like sandpaper on their lips, oh and the shade Leo bleeds like a bitch. An absolute massive bitch, even when I used the lip liner with it.

As I said you can definitely get some NYX lipsticks that are very similar in shade, pigmentation and feel for like half the price and no customs BUT the Kylie liquid lipsticks staying power is amazing, some of the best I’ve ever came across. I mean it takes a solid five minutes to remove it from my actual lips at the end of the day with a wet wipe and even then it stains a little. I know that may be a massive flaw to some people but it means you don’t have to worry about it coming off throughout the day – a little tip from me to you is that if you apply a chapstick over the top of the lipstick and then use a wet wipe it comes off so much easier!

Overall I recommend trying them out before buying them if you can, but I don’t recommend the lip liners at all. Definitely try the liquid lipsticks thought because I do love mine, mainly the shade 22 and Leo – despite the bleeding.

Coloured Raine | 2AM Liquid Lipstick

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I think we can all gather by know that liquid lipsticks are my weakness and I just can’t help buying them no matter how many of them I already have or that it just happens to be the same shade of the rest of them. That’s why I decided to go completely out of my comfort zone and not only buy one from a brand that I’ve never heard of before never mind use but also go for a shade that makes me want to shit myself when I think about wearing it in public, that shade just happens to be called 2am by Coloured Raine.

When you think about 2am it doesn’t really sound like such a scary shade but when you think of a black lipstick then it gets kind of scary, don’t get me wrong I’ve always loved the whole black lipstick trend and wished that I was brave enough to wear it but I never was. Until now. Going out of my comfort zone and just thinking a general ‘fuck it’ I wore this to work and loved it, fair enough it was near Halloween so people probably thought I was wearing some sort of costume and I did get a few weird looks in the street but I honestly didn’t care because I love it.

This isn’t a completely black, black shade, like yes it is a black but it’s more of a blue/grey toned black meaning when you wear it it looks really pretty on and I even found that it made my lips look a lot fuller and really nice – that could be the main reason I fell in love with it I’m not going to lie. Fair enough it did what ever other lip product has ever done when I’ve worn it and got on my chin giving me the dreaded lipstick chin when I’m eating but I’ve just started to accept that no matter what I’m going to get it.

The staying power of this is really good too lasting basically all day and I only had to touch up the inside of my mouth wear it started wearing away from all the drinking I was doing (it was squash since I was at work, don’t worry I wasn’t drinking on the job.) Plus I love the consistency of this with it being super easy to apply and creamy, I didn’t actually find this drying at all which I thought to be really strange because near enough everything is drying to me – but hey ho I’m not complaining!

Overall I love this and I will definitely be trying more things by Coloured Raine, I mean how cute is it with a pink lid/top?!

LA Splash | Persephone Liquid Lipstick

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Have I ever mentioned how much of a massive fan I am of liquid lipsticks? I mean they’re my favourite type of lipsticks now, so much so that I actually don’t like using normal ones! I’m used to just using the same brands all the time so while I was having a little browse on Beauty Bay which has slowly become my favourite online shop (I mean have you seen all the makeup on there?!) I came across the brand LA Splash which I have never heard of but decided to give them a go.

I actually picked up two liquid lipsticks about them with one being a more neutral shade and then this one in Persephone which is a bit more daring. Persephone is a matte waterproof liquid lipstick and costs less than a tenner being £9.95 which I think is actually pretty decent price wise especially after I’ve tried them out. This shade is a beautiful golden brown shade with it being pretty dark that when on it can look pretty black but you see the bronze and gold flecks running through it which I think is absolutely beautiful, I actually got loads of compliments on this when I’ve worn it to work – even by the customers!

I think when you first use this it does feel a little bit drying but you do get used to it and now when I wear it I don’t think it’s drying at all, plus it really is waterproof with it being a absolute pain to remove but it doesn’t smudge or bleed throughout the day which is a absolute dream. One of the downsides of this though is when it gets on your teeth you can’t do that normal thing when you just lick it off because it won’t budge, like at all – you need to use your finger to give it a good rub to remove it but the plus side to that is that you barely need to top up your lipstick throughout the day even when eating and drinking.

Funny story, last time I wore this I actually had a bug so was being sick near enough all day and even throwing up the lipstick barely smudged! To remove it I have found that applying a chapstick on top of it and then using a wet wipe actually works pretty well. Overall I think I’ve fallen in love with this brand and can’t wait to purchase more things from them!