Halloween | Skeleton Mask Tutorial

I can’t believe that it’s actually Halloween right now! I mean how fast has this year gone by? Especially this month, I feel like it was late August just yesterday when I was planning all of my Halloween looks for this year and now all of a sudden it’s gone?! I’ve just got to think on the bright side of Halloween ending, it means I can officially start thinking about Christmas without seeming like a obsessed person. Although I am already getting stressed and scared about it, I mean with how fast this year has gone by I’m even too scared to blink because what if it’s Christmas then and I haven’t bought anything! Okay I’m getting a little bit carried away with myself, mainly because I haven’t even finished writing this Halloween post yet!

Unlike all of my other Halloween tutorial posts there isn’t actually a video with this one, there was going to be originally but for some strange reason my Macbook won’t let me edit the clips so I’m just going to have to make do with a standard written post for this one. I’m not going to go into too much detail with how I created this look since all you have to do it google Halloween skeleton makeup and looks of pictures come up, all I did was use part of the skeleton look and make it into some sort of mask thing that’s covering part of my face and did the rest of my make up as normal. For the Skeleton part all you need is some white and black face paint, sponges, eyeliner and a hairdryer. Okay so the hairdryer isn’t really mandatory but I’m just really impatient for instead of actually waiting for the face paint to dry I just used a hair dryer to speed up the process instead.

I think this may actually be my favourite Halloween look that I did this year only because I’ve never done anything similar in the past so it’s something completely different to me. 

What are you going as for Halloween?

Halloween | Broken Doll Look

It’s October which means one thing, it’s officially the moth of Halloween which I love. If you’ve been following my blog for a while now you may of seen my old Halloween looks last year and maybe even the year before when I first started my blog – can’t believe how it’s almost been two years since I started this little blog of mine!

This is the first in many Halloween makeup looks and unlike the posts last year I actually filmed me doing it so you can see more of how to actually do it since I know you can get easily confused by just reading the instructions like how is that? Where does that go? Do I dot it? Or at least that’s how I feel readying step by step guides hence why I’m usually a person that prefers YouTube tutorials since I can actually see them doing it themselves!

If you would like to see how I created this look please check out the video below and maybe even like it and subscribe! If you do try out this look don’t forget to tweet me pictures or snapchat it to @the_beautybaker and siobhanmurphy46 

Are you obsessed with Halloween already?

Collection | Creampuff | Fairy Cake

Even though I’m completely in love with my collection concealer and couldn’t live without it I’ve never really tried any of their other products, yes I’ve tried a few of their lipsticks and I think maybe an eyeliner ages ago but never anything recently so when I saw that they had the creampuff on offer I decided to just pick up the first one I saw which was in the shade Fairy Cake and usually costs £2.99 so even if this wasn’t in offer I would of probably gotten it because I’ve never actually seen them before and that’s such a good price for anything I think even if you end up not liking it!

The shade Fairy Cake is a beautiful pink shade with a orange undertone and is so versatile that I think you could wear it all year round, I’m not too sure if this colour suits my skin tone too much because I feel like it makes me look slightly off for some reason but I’ve seen loads of people wear this shade and look amazing in it!

I find it hard to explain what a creampuff is like because it is like the texture of a cream but is matte on the lips while still being moisturising which is amazing because if you ever read any of my other lip product posts you’ll know how much I go on about hating a lip product that it drying especially if they’re clinging to all my dry patches and I find if I’m not wearing any chap stick before it does cling to some of them but that could be because I have extremely dry and chapped lips all year round.

When applying them I don’t recommend just using the wand I recommend dabbing it in with your finger a bit too otherwise they can be a bit streaky and they’re not that long lasting either they usually last around 2-3 hours before needing to be reapplied which isn’t that great but for £2.99 you can’t really complain. One thing though that I absolutely love about these is the smell, I mean I love the scent of these even more than my MAC lipsticks because they’re such a sweet vanilla smell which I know quite a lot of people might not enjoy but I am obsessed with it, I mean I would just sniff it all day long.

Overall I think I would only purchase the brown nude shade they have to try it out because that’s my favourite shade but I’m not too sure if I would buy them otherwise because even though the price is great I’m not too sure how I feel about having to reapply it so often.

Have you tried these before?

Primark Beauty | Lip Liners

It seems like recently all I’ve ever been talking about is Primarks beauty range and even now I still can’t get enough of it, every single time I’m in town I go into primark and head straight to the beauty section to either eye up anything new or pick up something I already own and love and one thing I’m so glad I actually bought was their lip liners. Usually I’m not a fan of lip liners what so ever since I always find them so hard to apply and to keep the actual natural shape of my lips since I have quite a prominent cupids bow with a strong m shape in my upper lip but I thought since they do help your make up so much and are only £1 (they may of been £1.50 but I can’t remember or find my receipt!) I’m going to give them a whirl.

In my local store there’s only around 4 or 5 colours I think and I’m not sure if there’s more in some of the bigger stores or not but I did buy 4 of the lip liners even though only 2 of them are pictured the shades I got was a red, nude pink, brown nude and another brown nude simply because I love them so much! When I first bought these I thought that it was a twist up lip liner but since actually using them  I’ve realised that you need to sharpen them so I recommend buying a sharpener for them.

They’re just so creamy and pigmented on the lips and to apply too unlike what I’ve heard and tried with other ones they also don’t drag on the lips and make me feel like in dragging a piece of wood against them, not a nice feeling is it. The lasting power is really good too and I only ever end up re applying the lipstick I’m wearing that day over the top of it and it looks almost the same as it did in the morning when I applied the liner! I always wear the brown nude one under my soap and glory lipstick in Naked Beige  for work and it’s my all time favourite lip combo, I’ve even featured it in a video that will be going up on my Youtube channel here in a couple of a weeks so make sure to keep an eye out! 

Overall I really love these lip liners so much that I’m going back to buy them again just so I have back ups of back ups since for only around £1 it’s a steal and they’re just so creamy and easy to use!

Have you tried any lip liners before?

Revlon | Colourstay Foundation For Dry/Normal Skin

I’m the type of person that when I find a foundation that I like and that agrees with my skin I tend to stick to it and I won’t like to try any other one because what if it isn’t the right shade? Dries out my skin? Makes me spotty and the list goes on and on, but recently I decided to get out there and try a new foundation and the one I tried was the Colourstay Foundation for normal/dry skin by Revlon. (£12.99) 

The thing that caught my eye the most with this is the fact it says it’s specially made for dry/normal skin and since I have quite dry skin and find it hard to find a foundation to actually work without sticking to my dry patches made me SO happy and that’s the main reason why I love this one. They also sell one for oily skin types but for obvious reasons I can’t comment on that.

It comes in a glass bottle like most foundations nowadays but it actually doesn’t come with a pump which doesn’t bother me too much but I know why it would bother some, I mean I would prefer it to have a pump because it would mean less mess but it definitely is one of the less messy foundations. I would say that it’s a medium to high coverage which is my favourite type of coverage because it’s also buildable so you can get that full coverage if you would like.

I don’t find this to be drying in the slightest or make my skin break out so I’ll definitely be re purchasing this in the future and experimenting this more foundations!

What’s your favourite foundation?