Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh | Beauty

daisy eau so fresh daisy eau so fresh daisy eau so fresh

I am so fussy when it comes to scents, I’m either a fan of everything girly so I smell like a walking, talking vanilla pod or flower or I want to walk past someone and all they smell is a strong musky smell and think that a really nice smelling guy just walked past them. Well maybe not that bad, a musky scent with a hint of floral lets say.

One of my all time favourite perfumes for years now has to be the Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh £65, I’ve been a firm lover of this for probably around 5 years now and I know it’s going to be my go to scent years in the future. I’m a massive fan of all of the Marc Jacob scents but the reason this one is my favourite is because of the fruity, sweet, floral scent it has. It really is a girly scent.

Something that I can say about Daisy Eau So Fresh is that I am in love with the bottle, I feel like this perfume could be the worst smelling thing in the world but I would still love it because of the bottle itself. With the white, yellow and pale pink flowers on the cap and the pale pink bottle it really is beautiful and perfect for Spring.

I would say that this scent is perfect for Spring and Summer but as I said before to me it is an all year round scent. This scent is definitely one for your girlfriend, your mother, her mother, your nan, the lady down the street that occasionally says hi to you . . . Basically this is a perfume for any lady in your life.

My Go To Four Perfumes And Body Mists | Beauty

the beauty baker the body shop zoella beauty the body shop

I absolutely love smelling nice, I just can’t help it – I mean who wants to smell nasty? There’s four perfumes/body mists that I have in my handbag constantly so depending on what mood I’m in I can smell the same way, does that make any sense?

Mango Body Mist – Body Shop £8
This is more of my Spring/Summer scent just because of how fruity and fresh smelling it is, it just reminds me of holidays! The body shop body mists has always been some of my favourites because the smell really lasts for ages.

Sweet Inspirations Body Mist – Zoella £8
I bought this for myself at Christmas time for no reason other than I have a shopping problem and I was in Superdrug. This is the first thing from the Zoella beauty range that I’ve tried before and I’ve fallen in love with it, it’s such a sweet and fruity scent so if you’re not into this kind of scents I’d avoid it.

Coco Mademoiselle – Chanel £68
I think this is my all time favourite perfume, to me it smells so grown up and sophisticated. I used to wear this everyday but as you can see by the photo I have very little left so I try and use it for special occasions.
It’s a bit too expensive to keep repurchasing all the time!

Italian Summer Fig – Body Shop £3.75
This being the first perfume I’ve ever tried from the body shop and it’s the only one too, not being it’s horrendous in any shape or form but because it’s so amazing I don’t want to get another!
As you can see it’s got a beautifully designed bottle and is the perfect travel size, oh and it smells like nothing I’ve ever smelled before. It’s more of a manly female scent.

I love all of these scents so much with the fact I have a couple of perfumes and body mists mixed in so I can have a stronger smelling perfume or a light and fruity body mist to stop me smelling oh so sweaty at work.

Katie Price Purple Heart Perfume | Beauty

katie price purple heart katie price purple heart katie price purple heart

I’m not really a perfume kind of girl I’m not going to lie I’m definitely more of a body mist kind of girl, I mean they’re just so much easier to chuck in your hand bag and to give yourself a spritz whenever you think you’re starting to smell.

But I do love a good ole perfume to have in the house on my dressing table because a) they usually look really pretty and b) they’re so much nicer than a body mist for s special occasion. I wouldn’t wear a body mist for a date or posh meal, I’d definitely go and grab a perfume but I’m just so fussy with scents it’s hard to find a nice one.

When I smelled Katie Price Purple Heart* £30 by Tam Beauty  I was converted. Usually I don’t like perfumes by celebrities because I think they smell fake and cheap but this one smells really nice. It’s quite a strong scent so you only need a couple of spritz to get you going, the scent to me is pretty familiar although I have no idea what it is.

The one downside to this perfume to me is the packaging, I just don’t like the box that it comes in. I think it looks quite tacky and cheap with the logo, although I do like the shiny purple colour. Apart from that I like the shape of the actual bottle, it’s really simple being purple tinted glad in kind of like a off diamond shape. It is a bit hard to hold the actual bottle though.

To me the Purple Heart by Katie Price packaging is for a young teen and the scent is for an adult which is the only way I can describe it, the bottle does look really pretty on my dressing table though!

One thing that I do really love though is the packaging of this, I think the bottle that the Seedlip* comes in is absolutely beautiful. I love the dog or fox on the front made out of leaves, acorns and shrubbery.

You do get a lot in the bottle too because it’s absolutely massive, I think I might prefer the other flavour a bit more – it’s just too smokey for me!

Zoella Sweet Inspirations Body Mist | Beauty

I think I always go on about how much I love a good ole body mist, not going to lie when I say I probably have about 6 of them on the go at the same time . . .

My all time favourite type of scent is definitely a sweet one usually on the verge of being sickly sweet which I know not everyone is a fan of, but that’s one of the main reasons I love this Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations Body Mist (£8).

This is the first thing that I’ve actually tried from the Zoella Beauty range and was a bit unsure on how I was going to feel about it from all the mixed reviews I’ve read about her products. I know some people don’t like them simply because they’re not a fan of her but I never think that’s a genuine excuse on whether you should like a product or not.

I have to admit that I do really love the packaging on this because it’s super cute while still being simple, it is a glass bottle so you do have to be a bit careful not to smash it but I think that’s a good thing since who really likes having a plastic bottle? I feel like if it was a plastic one it would seem cheap!

The actual scent of this is pretty sickly sweet as some people has described it to me, so much so that they don’t like it. But for me this scent is absolutely amazing and has become my go to scent everyday – if you ever wonder what I smell like just give this bottle a sniff and that’s me for you! It sort of reminds me of the smell of Lush Snow Fairy but with a different twist if that makes any sense to you?

Overall I absolutely love this scent and recommend you at least go and give it a sniff in store since I’m absolutely awful at describing scents!

The Body Shop | Pink Grapefruit Body Mist

I think I might be one of the few people that actually prefer a good body mist over a perfume, don’t get me wrong I do actually love a perfume but I’m always so much more fussy when it comes to a perfume than I am with a body mist. That’s probably why I love this Pink Grapefruit Body Mist £7.50 by The Body Shop, it’s just such a nice smell but my favourites are always The Body Shops, I don’t think I’ve actually ever used a full body mist by any other brand actually.

These body mists keeps the scent lingering on your body for ages without being too overly powerful and it also doesn’t get you wet, anyone else ever find that some perfumes and body mists always makes you feel wet and sometimes even a little bit sticky after? This is just so light on your skin while still keeping it’s scent. I think I may of tried near enough all of the body mists from The Body Shop but this Pink Grapefruit one has to be one of my favourites.

I love a good citrus scent in everything so having a nice sweet smelling body mist with a tart citrus background sends me crazy, it’s just the nicest smelling thing ever. Every time I wear this I get compliments and I never leave me house without it, to be completely honest I actually have two, one for my handbag and one for my house just so I know that I’ll always have one near me to I don’t smell bad! It’s also super refreshing so if you’re feeling hot and sweaty spritzing a bit of this all over you will help make yourself feel better!

Have you tried any of The Body Shops body mists before?