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This Topshop lipstick in the shade Naturist is probably the first actual lipstick that I’ve tried in god knows how long, mainly because of the fact that I’m a little bit obsessed with liquid lipsticks but there’s just something about Topshop lipsticks that I love.

I think the main thing that I love about these lipsticks are the formula, they’re just so creamy and easy to apply while also being really pigmented which is great! The only thing that I don’r like about these are that they do bleed/transfer pretty easily so you do have to be a little bit careful, oh and after eating and drinking it does transfer off but that’s what you can expect with lipsticks – or at least I do.

The shade nudist is absolutely beautiful, it kind of reminds me of Jeffree Star’s Posh spice but more wearable and less matte so if you want to try that out or want something less in your face definitely give this a try! To me this shade is a brown, pink nude with grey undertones, it does look more like a natural lip than a 90’s lip too if you was worried about that!

I just love the packaging too because it’s so simple and sleek, it’s just nice to look at with it being white it also makes it amazing to photograph. I know, I know, I’m easily pleased when it comes to packing but I’ve always preferred something to be minimalistic than too flashy, especially with the fact I always have my lipsticks on show. Although I will say that they do get pretty dirty fast, but all lipsticks do.

I wore this to work and got loads of compliments on it that nobody thought it was actually Topshop, I think they’re beauty range always gets looked past as not good when in fact it’s pretty decent!

Topshop Nail Varnish In Usual Suspects | Beauty

topshop usual suspects topshop usual suspect usual suspect

I am not a nail polish person in the slightest and I’ve never been one really, I always just leave it when it chips and I can never be bothered to remove it or paint them so I tend to either stick to plain ole nails, or get acrylics. I might even just glue on some falsies from Primark which are great by the way.

But I’m trying to get more into actual polish’s because they’re so pretty and I think a hand that has some pretty painted nails is so much nicer to look at, plus it also gives away the image that I have my life together which at this moment in time I don’t.

Usually when I bought some sort of nail shade it would of always been by the trusty Barry M, but I’ve been trying to venture out of my convert zones. Even if it is with only a nail varnish, so I picked up a Topshop one £6. The shade I got was Usual Suspects which keeps getting me confused since I’m adamant it’s actually Unusual suspects, I just think it sounds so much better.

Usual suspects in the bottle kind of looks like a sparkly space grey, at least it does to me anyway. But in reality especially when applied it’s this beautiful purple tinted grey with loads of sparkles running through it, it kind of reminds me of a galaxy and I have no idea why. The finish of this is a Matte Metallic which I’ve actually never seen before with all the metallic nail varnish’s I’ve seen having just a normal finish (I’ve completely forgotten what the actual term it . . . )

I just love this nail colour and I’ve even decided that I think I prefer Topshop over Barry M – at least colour wise for now. This varnish does chip massively though but I’m not sure if that’s just because I’m used to having fakes that never chips no matter what you do. I’ve still been wearing this non stop for the past three weeks since I got it though!

Topshop Beauty | Lipstick | Beguiled

As many of you know I’m in love with lip products whether it’s glosses, sticks, crayons or anything else and one thing I especially love is Topshop beauty products so seeing that Topshop had some new packaging for certain products for it’s birthday I think, I can’t really remember since it’s been so long since I actually bought this!

I bought a lipstick in the shade Beguiled which is a beautiful deep cherry plum shade in the bullet and a dark cherry colour on the lips but it’s not too dark, I would say it looks more when you use a really dark lip felt and it stains your lips so it’s a bit lighter than you thought it would be if that makes any sense? It probably doesn’t. I can’t put into words how much I adore this packaging, I mean just look at it! It comes in the same black box that all the lipsticks do but it has the drawn lipstick on it in rose gold, rose fricking gold and I think it just makes it so beautiful.

The actual bullet itself is the same as the box being the same as normal just with the usual black bits being rose gold again, I mean who doesn’t love rose gold packaging? If anything who doesn’t love rose gold anything?! I will admit that when I went into Topshop I did go straight to the beauty bit for a lipstick but I was looking for a dark lipstick that would be great for Autumn and this is nowhere near as dark as I was looking for but nether the less I do still love it. Plus I did only buy this for the packaging which I know can be classed as a ‘bad thing’ but I don’t care because if I didn’t even like this lipstick at least it’s pretty to look at!

Have you tried any of the lipsticks from Topshop before?

Fedoras And Peplums

Hat / Top / Jeans: Primark / Shoes / Short Necklace / Long Necklace

How cute is this little peplum top? I’ve always loved these style tops since I find that they flatter my figure but all the ones I own are harder to style in the day and aren’t too cute but this one with the just above the elbow sleeves are adorable! I love this top so much and wear it all the time, it comes in different colours and I’m going to be making a purchase of these in every colour there is because they’re also so comfy. I’m obsessing over layering necklace at the moment too and this charmed ivy one only cost me £3.50 and it so easy to style like most of their pieces.

Are you obsessed with layering necklaces too?

Pretty Bras

I don’t know one female that doesn’t love looking at new bras especially when you can find them ion your actual size and since it had been a while since I decided to buy some new pretty bras instead of the basic ones I just pick up when a old one is falling apart, don’t lie I know you do it too! Now I know some people might be like ‘Oh but a normal everyday bra is a pretty bra,’ no it’s not, or at least it’s not for me anyway. A ‘normal’ everyday bra was one I could pick up for £3 in Primark and just chuck it on knowing that it fits, but every female needs some pretty bras that they can wear to make themselves feel better, to romance someone or just for the sake of it and that was something that I was seriously lacking.

Since getting these bras I feel so much better about myself which I know might sound strange to some people but sometimes the little things like underwear can make you 10x better especially when they actually fit and you don’t have to keep pushing your boobs back in every two seconds or worry about the gap between your actually breast and cup. Also I didn’t take these photos of me in full shot wearing the bras because I don’t feel comfortable posting those photos on here and I don’t believe that you need to see that to see how lovely the bras are.

Cream Lace Triangle Bra

Purple Triangle Bra With Black Love Heart Detail

Ignore the back fat, I had it on too tight!

Black Lace Peplum Bralet

Black And White Bralet

Have you bought anything pretty recently?